Gatitos react to Stray while their owners play

In recent days Stray has become a tendency in video games, that even led to the PlayStation Store Collapsara due to the number of users who were downloading the game. And now a new news has emerged in relation to the interaction of the game with real animals, since some have caught the little protagonist.

Through social networks, many users have recorded what the reaction of their respective pets is like the game, where some of them approach caution to the screen. Even some dogs have been scared with the pussyr, reaching the point of barking him, this has led the owners to generate laughter due to the tender behavior of their furry friends.

Here are some reactions:

I’m dying, he thought he left the #Sray screen

As soon as the cat appears on the screen.


Ps5 #stray

I’ve been playing Stray a lot and I love it a lot. My Totoro cat likes to see me play and then try to catch the cat on the screen.


I guess we have to wait until the dog faints before playing Stray. She wanted to get a video because she was watching the cats and then she was only on TV.

(There were no damaged televisions, don’t worry)

I can’t play stray

Remember that Stray is available in PS4, PS5 and PC.