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Tower of Fantasy, Sammere introduction video dubbed by Seo Yuri

Perfect World Games announced on the 21st that it will unveil the SF Fantasy Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’, developed by its subsidiary Hota Studio and published by Perfect World Games.

In this video, you can check the information about ‘Sammere’ characters and unique systems. The replica is a partner character that players can meet and meet the weapons specifications and memories of the elite combatants, allowing others to bring the data to learn and learn complex tactics. Each replica character has a famous voice actor. In the case of Sammere, which uses a double pistol, famous voice actor Seo Yuri dubs to enhance the completion.

In the video, Seo Yuri said, Sammere seems to be a very fun person. She is so strong that she doesn’t care about a lot of things, but it seems that something important in her mind is hiding.


Sammere is the best shooting among the elite-gathering Hell Guard executors. In battle, he makes the enemy fear with a slender shadow and double pistol like a lightning.

‘Tower of Fantasy’ is an open world game with Unreal Engine 4-based cartoon rendering graphics. It is scheduled to be released in Korea on PCs and mobile in the third quarter of this year, and more details on the game, including pre-booking, can be found on the official website.