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How to fix the pollution indicator in Powerwash Simulator

Ah, Powerwash Simulator… A game that is too good for what it is. This unexpected hit sucked anything unusual victims, like a fraudulent black hole, and is not going to stop from the point of view of its rampant popularity. However, as more and more players are fond of sink, strange mistakes appear. One error affects the mud indicator and can be especially problematic. This is how to fix it.

Pollution indicator does not work in Powerwash Simulator

One of the most common errors arising in Powerwash Simulator is when an absolutely critical pollution indicator breaks. There are several ways to solve this problem:

  • Start the task in another mode, and then reboot the problem task.
  • Revival mud indicator
  • Close and restart Powerwash Simulator.
  • Restart the task (as a last resort!)


how to see dirt in Powerwash Simulator

While dirt and dirt are obvious, in fact, almost every piece is required to complete the segment. Thus, the pollution indicator is crucial for performing any work in Powerwash Simulator. By default, this function is tied to tab (PC) and right on the cross (console). With tools at your disposal to find every grain of dirt, dirt and soot, forward! These carousel rods do not clean themselves!

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