Sunhyup RPG Gwi -euphwang, Stove Korean Version Autumn Launched

The official Tale of Immortal, an open world action RPG, which is developed by Smilegate Stove, ‘Stove Indie’ in China and distributed in Lightning Games in China and distributed in Lightning Games The Korean version will be released this fall.

‘Gwi-Hwang’ is a top view open world action RPG of the Sunhyup concept. At the time of its launch last year, it showed a good use of the concept of Sunhyup.

‘Gwi-Hwang’ is characterized by a vast scale, long play time, and a variety of fostering elements. In addition, it has various relationships with randomly created NPCs and can be fun for RPGs. All characters have a relationship with each other in any form, so friends and enemies are changed at a moment, and unexpected events can be played, such as the enemies and families of the enemies.

‘Stove Indie’ will formally introduce the official Korean version of the Korean language by cooperating with the user who produced the existing Hangul patch of ‘Gwi-Hwang’. Existing user Hangul patches have been blocked by the game update, but Stove Indie cooperates with the developer and officially supports Korean in the game, minimizing the user’s inconvenience, while improving the translation quality and making the game more immersive. Improved to enjoy.

Meanwhile, ‘Stove Indie’ will be promoting the ‘House Cock Gemcans’ promotion to enjoy the game at a reasonable price during the summer season. Any member of ‘Stove Indie’ can receive a 15% discount game coupon. The coupon can be applied to all games of the Stove Indie, and can be duplicated to existing discounts.

For more information on the release of the official Korean language, you can find out through the Stove Indie Community.