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‘항’ ’’ ’’, Kim Young-ha-Youtube Shuka PR video

Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) announced on the 18th that it has released two promotional videos to commemorate the pre-booking of the Open World MMORPG, which is scheduled for service.

In the video, popular novelist Kim Young-ha and Schuka World (Schuka), known as the economic YouTuber, appeared. The video was composed of Kim Young-ha and Shuka, each of which introduces various stories of the 16th century ‘Daehae Sea Era’, which are the backgrounds of the game, and the in-game trade contents.

Meanwhile, the ‘Sea Age Origin’ has begun pre-booking for domestic gamers on the 12th, and plans to open a video of a new concept with a new model soon.

Preliminary reservations for the ‘Aviation Age Origin’ can be participated through the pre-booking page, the Google Play Store, and the Floor. Participants will receive limited skins and various items that can be applied to the game. In addition, there is a special event that can automatically enter prizes such as the latest graphics cards and 4K monitors.

The ‘Age Age Origin’ is a title to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the release of the ‘Age Sea Era’ series of Koe Tech Mo Games (CEO Koinuma Hisashi). Motif (CEO Lee Deuk-kyu) and Koe Techmo Games are jointly developing, and will be launched (domestic) through mobile (AOS, iOS) and PC (domestic) platforms in the third quarter of this year.

For more information on the game information, advance reservation schedule, and pre-booking events, the pre-booking page. You can check it through the official community and official YouTube.