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Hero Rudys appearance, Sena Revolution new trailer

Netmarble announced on the 15th that it has released a new game introduction video of the Open World MMORPG ‘Seven Knights Revolution’, which is expected to be released in Korea on July 28.

The newly released video shows the brilliant battle action of the Seven Knights Heroes Rudy looking for the main character Evan and Karin, and predicted a different development from the original story of Seven Knights.

Open World MMORPG ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ is a work that aims to maximize the characteristics of the original, and emphasized the experience of becoming a Seven Knights hero by inheriting strategic game characteristics.


In the game, the user’s avatar can be transformed into a variety of heroes to maximize the combat power, and after the transformation of the hero, the hero’s unique skills can be used and a strategic battle between weapons and skills can be played. The main features of Seven Knights Revolution are the pre-class where classes are determined by weapons, and the transformation of infinite hero, which can be transformed into various heroes according to the battle situation.

Meanwhile, Netmarble is pre-registered in ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ in Google Play, Apple App Store, and official site before its launch, and the 7777-year-old Nare Ball expedition is presented with an item package that can be used in the game after the launch of the pre-registration. ‘Event is being held.

More information about Seven Knights Revolution can be found in the forum.