What is the One Piece? All details and theories regarding the greatest treasure of the pirate age

You want my sweetheart? You can have it! Looking for him, someplace I concealed the globe’s best treasure!

However just what is the One Piece? We have actually put with each other all details regarding the One Piece and inform you in this post what we understand regarding the treasure up until now, after which Luffy as well as Co. have actually been.

Important note: In the following we look mostly at (fan) theories for the One Piece. Yet there is also main details regarding the treasure and as a result looter for the manga or anime.

Do these sentences seem acquainted to you? With these words, the previous Pirate king Gol D. Roger proclaimed the big pirate age in the manga and also anime One Piece. The treasure is the eponymous One Piece that is hidden somewhere on the Grandline.

The website of the treasure is currently known

Thus, all pirate gangs actually need to take a trip to the Grandline a 2nd time, as they do not have the expertise of the porn lyphen as well as for that reason they need to be seen again on the islands previously gone to. Yet Ruffy as well as his friends currently learn about the secret of the road porn lyphen and also luckily their trip just has to complete when.

What do the roadway porn lyphen bring? These consist of |* The works with of four points on the globe map.

On Lodestar, visitors find out that the One Piece gets on another island that is the last island of the Grandline and can not be discovered utilizing the log port. The island is called Laugh Tale. In order to obtain to this island, four special roadway porn lyphen must initially be decoded.

Where is the treasure? This inquiry has currently liquified this inquiry from One Piece.

What are porn lyphen? The porn lyphen are massive rock cubes on which text messages are carved in an old language.

What is the log port? The log port is a navigating device for seafarers in the globe of One Piece, similar to a compass.

In order to find out how to reach the place of the One Piece, pirates first have to use the log port to regulate the last island of the Grandline, which births the name Lodestar.

How lots of roadway porn lyphen have Luffy & Co. already figured out? At the moment (1053.

One Piece is still a large secret

feasible concepts regarding the One Piece.

With the One Piece it could typically be gold, jewelry or other important items and products . As in most pirate films, Luffy as well as Co. could be on the search for a traditional pirate treasure. Something from Roger’s personal property could be in the chest that could be much extra worth than all gold in the globe.


is the treasure not at all from Roger? In phase 967 of the One Piece manga we adhere to the journey of Gol D. Roger and exactly how he gets here on Laugh Tale.

On the various other hand, the One Piece might be connected to the rio porn lyphen . This is intended to duplicate the complete true tale. It is an age that plays 800 years before the occasions from One Piece as well as concerning which there are no documents.

It is also understood that an individual called Joy Child has something to do with the One Piece The character days from the same time at which the porn lyphen were developed as well as also hid a treasure on the island of Laugh Tale, over which Roger’s pirate gang later delighted in. It is not yet recognized why the treasure activated such a laugh.

Instead: In the manga itself, the epic pirate captain Whitebeard confirms quickly before his fatality that the One Piece really exists. He might not elicit what the treasure was about.

What is the One Piece? In a podcast, one piece creator Eiichiro Oda shows that the One Piece will be a terrific reward that Ruffy as well as his straw hat pirate gang will certainly be unable to have. He discovers abstract prizes unsatisfactory as an incentive for such a lengthy trip.

So there will probably be no zero number, in which the way is the goal or the relationships we have actually made are the real treasure the genuine benefit will certainly be. So we can adjust to a literally existing treasure that is worth the journey.

Another choice is that the one piece is one of the old tools that originate from the times of true background. The weapons Pluton, Poseidon as well as Uranus are claimed to be able to ruin whole islands, which is why they are particularly popular on the planet of One Piece:

However we will possibly just find out what the One Piece is everything about when among the pirates takes the race and also locates the epic treasure. Due to the fact that the first to discover the One Piece will reach the following king of the pirates and succeed Gol D. Roger’s successor.

  • Pluton is the most powerful warship ever before, the blueprints of which have already been destroyed by Franky.
  • Poseidon is the power to manage the sea kings of the sea, which are damaging and enormous sea animals. This force presently has mermaid princess Shirahoshi.
  • There is nearly absolutely nothing well-known about Uranus.

What do you assume: what could be the one piece regarding?

With these words, the former Pirate king Gol D. Roger heralded the huge pirate age in the manga and also anime One Piece. In a podcast, one piece designer Eiichiro Oda suggests that the One Piece will certainly be a fantastic incentive that Ruffy and his straw hat pirate gang will be incapable to have. In phase 967 of the One Piece manga we follow the trip of Gol D. Roger and also how he gets here on Laugh Tale. With the One Piece it might generally be gold, jewelry or various other valuable items and materials . On the other hand, the One Piece might be associated to the rio porn lyphen **.