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Hearthstone players began to receive free packs of cards at the entrance to Battle.net

The network appeared that several Hearthstone players, who were inactive for a long time, received cards at the entrance to Battle.net. Someone got 150 packs of cards, and someone only 20.

Free map sets are obviously part of the marketing test conducted by Blizzard. We conduct many different limited and targeted tests similar to this, to better determine what is of interest among former, new or current players, which is the usual practice in the industry, Blizzard representative told PCGAMER. It was a regional Hearthstone testing in the UK and France for the corresponding players.

Perhaps Blizzard is also looking for ways to attract new players in the game, and veterans-return against the backdrop of tough competition from other collection card online games, including Legends of Runeterra.

As for what determines how many packs of cards the player will receive, the representative of Blizzard said that this is a completely random process. Relevant players are randomly sorted by various categories and receive an appropriate offer, in this case several sets of cards.

In the future, Blizzard plans to continue to hold such test shares, therefore it is possible that players can expect a wide variety of gifts from developers.