Red dead redemption 2

Rockstar Games offers Red Dead Online battle preparation bonus

Rockstar Games announced on the 5th that it will double the bonus of the combat preparation for a month on the Red Dead Online.

For a month, the combat preparation reward is paid twice as well as XP and gold, and in the wandering mode, the RDO dollar and XP are doubled in all bounty hunter missions, doubling the character, job XP, and three times the XP in the wanderer. Provide it.

In particular, in the four-week special series, three times the RDO dollar benefits and a weekly bonus that presents discounts or costumes will be given.

In the explosion series until the 11th, Lamat Revolver Discounts and Free Bamint Rifle Benefits will be rewarded in the Hardcore-ranked designated wandering series from 12th to 18th.

From the 19th to the 25th, the hardcore flender and the Spoils of War series have weapon discount tickets and blue lane jackets or ballad jackets, and finally, in the hardcore final survivor series from 26th to August 1 You can get the red Schaefer pants color.

In addition, all players who log in this month will receive 15 dynamite and 3 gravive sand hunting, and if you achieve rank 10, you will receive 100 rupture ammunitions for Lyple and 50 soy shotgun ammunition.

If you complete the five job challenges during the same period, you will be able to purchase the blue carbow double tantan and the three rounds of the battle mode to purchase a 50% discount on the weapon you want.

The store sells job costumes, vocational weapons modifications, improved bow modifications, pistols, additional houses, saddle bags, all ammunition, and multipurpose horses at a discount of up to 50%.