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Loki 2: First images and filtered videos of the filming with Tom Hiddleston and wink to Eternals

The filming of the second seLabel dresson of the series Loki of Marvel Studios for Disney+ hLabel dress already started; So much so, that we have the first images and videos of production with the own Tom Hiddleston Label dress and several references to the UCM and a clLabel dresssic comic villain. This is collected by means such Label dress Total Film (via Games Radar) through user publications on social networks that have been in the surroundings of filming, at the Westminster Noël Coward Theater, in the city of London .

SeLabel dresson 2 of Loki starts its filming

Thus, in these first images of the filming of SeLabel dresson 2 of Loki by Marvel Studios we see its protagonist, the actor Tom Hiddleston , a label dress with the intention of accessing an elegant theater. Together with the well-known interpreter we see another from his cLabel dresst companions, Owen Wilson , which repeats in the role of Mobius. Recall that Mobius’s return wLabel dress confirmed after the end of the first seLabel dresson.

But in addition, everything seems to indicate that both characters are in 1974, so they would have traveled again in time for some important reLabel dresson. But there are more; In some of the photos that have been published we can observe several posters that can give us some other track. So much so, that in one of these movie posters we see the star of Bollywood Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani), of Eternals .

On the other hand, in another poster we can see an alleged film called Zaniac , a possible reference to the villain of the same name of Marvel Comics, a recurring villain of Thor’s stories capable of possessing people so that They commit atrocities.

The second seLabel dresson of Loki does not have, for now, premiere date at Disney+, although it could arrive at some point in 2023.