[Information] Large expansion packs, useful features added in Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise’s large expansion pack ‘Sun Brake’ was released on Thursday, June 30. In line with the large-scale expansion pack, Sunbreak has changed not only in new field/monsters but also in functional terms. Among them, I summarized the useful functions that helps hunters.

▣ Contents
1) Time to acquire new replacement technology
2) Elgado’s nest location
3) Collection Marking and Garuk Pocket
4) Setting up wall running
5) Setting of replacement technology information labeling
6) Skill memory and vision support behavior of companions
7) Companion reconnaissance
8) Can Chungdae Skewers
9) Secret Trading
10) Hoseok lock function
11) Level 4 ornaments and white dragon ornaments

▣ When acquiring new replacement technology
Sunbreak has added a variety of replacement technologies for each weapon. Some of them can be obtained directly through training quests, but technologies that are key are locked. To obtain these technologies, you have to go through the process below.

1) Clear an emergency quest ‘Crying on the Red Moon’, which goes up from 3 stars to 4 stars
2) Clear 2 Master Rank 4 star carefully selected quests

3) Following the event, moving to Kamura Village and talking to Kagero at the Great Store
4) Subsequently, if you talk to Utsu City Instructor, you acquire a new replacement technology

▣ Elgado’s nest location
The nest of the abdominal ong is a helpful element to supply various items. In the case of Elgado, there is a nest on the wall near the Knights Command. Up to five items are accumulated in the nest, so it is better to recover the item every 5 turn. In addition, Elgado’s nest and Kamura village’s nests are accumulated separately, so both nests must be recovered.

▣ Collection Marking and Garuk Pocket
In Sunbreak, Garuk adds ‘harvesting marking’ and ‘Garuk pocket’ functions. Collection marking is a feature that displays location on the minimap by checking what you want between the collectors and environmental creatures you have found in the field. Each field has a different collection and environmental organism, so it is necessary to set it separately for each field.

The Garuk pocket is a sector that stores additional items after the Hunter’s item pocket. It is comfortable to think that the item pocket has been added 8 spaces. However, care should be taken because the harvesting marking and Garuk pockets are not used unless they take Garuk to their companions.

▣ Wall running conversion setting
In Sunbreak, wall runs can be used by dashes, jumps, and avoidance of the rope, without using a roppy. However, the function may cause unintentional walls during the battle. ‘Optional-Operation-Wall Run Conversion’ setting can be set to ON / OFF / OFF only during combat.

▣ Replacement technology information display setting
With the addition of rapid replacement action in Sunbreak, the UI was added to the bottom of the screen. The UI makes it easy to see the types and commands of the replacement technology you are currently in use. In addition, you can set the UI only for a certain time or change it so that it is not displayed at all.

▣ Skills of companion skills and vision support action
Skill memory and vision support action was added to the companion. Skill memory is a function that increases the slot of skills that companions can remember. It can be used up to three times for each companion, and every time you use your skill memory, you need one dotori. Deuk-dori can be obtained through the nest of the abdominal units, the free side quests, and the contents of the companion.

As you proceed with the Master Rank, there are five side quests that need to clear the master rank quest three times with the Iru of the specific role group, and you can get five vision support behaviors with rewards. Vision support behavior can be used by companion Iru and can be replaced freely.

-Dalm of healing (healer): The tribe that produces a servant with a recovery effect from the wounds on the monster follows the Hunter.
-The attribute attack steam (assist): When a large monster touches, it explodes and installs a trap that damages the property.
-Cat reinforcement performance (Fight): Strengthen the support of the companion and hunting dogs through the performance.
-Sihanwangpok Porridge (Bomer): After a certain period of time, install a big firecracker. It can be commanded in the action slider.
-Automatic lottery (collector): Take out the scroll from a huge lottery and randomly run the support behavior used there.

▣ Companion Reconnaissance Team
The companion reconnaissance stand is a function of installing a single-use fast train in a specific location. After finding a companion reconnaissance point in each field, returning to the base and placing a companion at the point, you can use the fast trading at each point. The companion reconnaissance unit consumes Kamura Point 100 every time it is used.

[Shortcut] Sub Camp & Companion Reconnaissance Position Summary (Rise+Sun Brake)

▣ Can Chungdae Skewers
The ‘Can Chungdae Skewers’ feature, which can be used before eating at the restaurant, has been added. The canal skewer can be turned on/off freely, and the function varies depending on the location of the dumplings.

-1 steps: Activation Effects Rising to 4LV / Skill Activation Rate-20%
-2 steps: Activation Effects Rising to 3LV / Skill Activation rate-10%
-3 steps: Activation Effect drops to 1LV / Skill Activation rate +10%


▣ Secret Trading
In Sunbreak, you can set secret trade by further manipulation when requesting trade. When you set a secret trade, you will get a combination/money item, a special farming maca oil, a new pond, and a locked treasure chest.

Special farming Makayu is an item that can be completed immediately after the maca pension is raised, and the new pension can be completed immediately. The locked treasure chest is added from the Master Rank 4 stars and is used to produce the ‘Balvania’ armor set.

▣ Hoseok lock function
Hoseok locks can be prevented from being registered when the maca pension is being registered. It is recommended that you use the lock function so that you do not use your own stones as a maca pension material.

▣ Level 4 ornaments and white dragon ornaments
In Sunbreak, more than 4 levels of ornaments are added to make more diverse settings. In addition, it can only be installed in weapons above the master rank, and ‘white dragon ornaments’ with special skills have been added. White dragon ornaments also have a level, and the weapon level is different, so it is necessary to check in advance when making weapons.