Lorauts floor peeing on the floor of a steamy hot pond, got a rage attack and put the cabin in the renovation – in the review The Sims 4 werewes

Full moon, you are the biggest you are at night heaven, Viivi wolf forest thought and turned her muzzle towards a brilliant, cheeseced light ball. Soon it will be clear what the life is like in the new the sims 4 werewolves.

The medium-sized extension arrives with a new residential area called Kuukorpi. The former factory village, which is eternal in the eternal haze, is like straight from the horror movies or from the unnamed movie series, where the teens of the teens flutter with bitter and shirtless wolves.

The hood is full of decayed buildings.

In the spruce forest, abandoned, decayed factory buildings are pushed, and at first sight, it becomes clear that the place is used as a field of supernatural creatures. Externally, everything is incredibly beautiful, but otherwise the area will remain very dilute: there are three residential plots and two community areas. Fortunately, the new areas are open, so there is plenty to explore and space for the hairs.

hairy deformation

In the munetut-derived, the Sim can turn into a human shimmer, or lykanthropo (surprise!). There are a few different ways for this. Sim can make a fur coat right away in character nature, which is perhaps the second easiest way. The curse of the werewolves can also be obtained traditionally through a bite or even by birth to the werewolves’ family. However, the easiest style for us comfortable players is to use a scam code. As a bonus, let’s say that if you do not enjoy dog life for one reason or another, you will find a healing of the curse in the juice masters.

The appearance of lycanthropies certainly causes a lot of amazing debate. My personal opinion is that _the sims 4: The werewolves look exceptionally oil. Although the milieu is like created for horror experiences, the werewolves cannot be made scary-looking no matter how they try. Or, of course, they can be customized to be quite terrible, but in the wrong way.

Eneehehe, Kakka-emoji, hehehe!

The appearance of a hair buddy is edited with the same tool as the external habit of the basic simim. Perhaps a slightly damp selection includes a few different ear styles, muzzle fur and coat colors. There is also a decent color palette, so you can make a pink or screaming yellow. As a cherry on the cake, there are different stamps that can be used to decorate Turkey even with poop emoji.

furious, furious, werewolf

The Sims, which turned into a lykantroopi, will have access to a gauge. Vimma, or rage, is accumulated by, among other things, various temperaments, preferences, and the appearance of a full moon in the sky. When the meter is filled, the animal side takes power. In this case, the player is grossly thrown out of the sim and the powerless wolf is what the animal does best, ie breaks down and pee there.

The biggest damage and pain for family members can be prevented by locking the ferocious hawk behind the locks. As a feature, Vimma is initially strange and causes a hilarious giggle, but breaking gaming due to rage at regular intervals gives the player a painful feel.

Sometimes it is good to let go of a little steam.

There are two different human speakers in the moon ears, whose ranks may, if they so wish, join: the collective of the hood and the non-free. Rebellion-free are wild anarchists who do not follow the rules, but unleash their animal instincts. Educated and peaceful members of the Cavalry Collective, on the other hand, believe in equality between people and werewolves.

If Simi wants to join either herd, she will have to complete three tasks. These things are easy to do, but require some time and patience.

pee games in the moonlight

The werewolves gather experience points by doing human-like things, such as howl or just running around in the form of a werewolf. The assembled dots are sprinkled around the talent, and little by little, new great skills will open. For example, experienced hair can forget about lingering in a warm foam bath and licking themselves clean! Another practical skill of YLE is to mark the marking of his territory. Hopefully the wet puddle-smelling wet puddle around the corner of the home keeps mousse and other intruders out of the eyes.

Play is the work of the werewolf.

Fashion lovers howling the joy, as there is a tremendous selection of clothes that fit the theme. The contents of the wardrobe fits strongly from the 90’s Gunge: when fitting in front of the mirror, the checkered flannel shirts and ragged jeans make it a mind to swirl their hairy tail tassel at Nirvanan _Smells like Teen Spiriti. Of the accessories, my own favorites include six-like rings and ear and necklaces.

backworm well, all well

Happy news lovers will be happy to have fun! The package comes with a wonderfully horrible or horrible lovely hair style that makes the most enthusiastic types sigh for love. Add to the head scars and nasal piercing, the result is a particularly street-credible entity.

Furniture remains faithful to the theme of the package. There are worn-out sofas and tables of the darkest corners of the flea markets, as well as decorative items decorated with moon images. You can also hang on your wall with broken boards and spectacular scratching traces.

This is not the hair style, but one of the most beautiful hair styles.

I spent a few entertaining moments with a the sims 4 Witcher Package of about 20 euros. The best thing about the extra is clothing, accessories and a new dwelling area, and even the construction of the construction space is not more owl.

The werewolves themselves look like dog versions of cats musical scary cats, and watching their fluffy dumb tails causes strong sleep reactions.