League of Legends

LOL: UCAM expires after the controversy NJI with MVP for Rewound, the alternate jungle notified 24 hours before

Surely he is one of the most agitated seasons of the Spanish Super League of Legends; At least since he abandoned the name Division of Honor. But what has happened in the last hours reminds us of the oldest flavor of the national LOL. The withdrawal of songs nji an after five games in Ucam Tokiers and the expletives on social networks have raised a huge dust.

But last night there was something even bigger than those tone outputs. UCAM needed to resort 24 hours before his encounter in front of Mothers Madrid to Manuel Rewound Olmo, substitute jungle of the club. Despite being immersed in a streak of 5 losses and having to play with someone who had never trained with the team, something totally notable happened last night.

Arrive and kiss the saint


Beyond the victory of UCAM, which could be reasonable in normal conditions when facing a team from the lower part of the table, The victory has occurred with an authentic great game of Rewound in his debut . The player ended 6/2/8 with Viego, dominating the neutral objectives (they reached the ocean soul) and being very incisive with his gankeos.

The Spanish player was designated MVP of the map, which is why he was interviewed by Sergio Teshrak Cerdán. It is really interesting what he told the narrator of LVP:I really learned everything yesterday night and, without scriming or anything, I had to play the game… and what has come out, I don’t know nor how, but it worked. I have been a little nervous, but I have been able to solve it, I have a very good game. I am very happy.

At this time, Ucam Tokiers is penultimate of the classification only ahead of Movistar Riders . Many regular season days still remain to check if this triumph responds to the saying to a new player, Segura Victoria, or really improves the dynamics of the group to the point of scratching points. The next opponent could not be better for them, since next Monday the faces will be seen, precisely against Movistar Riders.