How to pump oil in the cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier has all kinds of resources that are waiting for them to be collected or mined. Boxing someone else’s planet, you will find oil deposits that you can collect to get rich. Nevertheless, you will need to learn how to pump and collect all this oil in question in this guide.

The next leadership will show you how to download oil in The Cycle: Frontier.

How to pump oil in the cycle: Frontier

There are several steps when it comes to pumping oil in the game. To begin with, you will need an oil pump lighthouse. Then you need to find oil deposits in the game before pumping oil. At the last stage, you may even have to protect your oil field.

Get a Lighthouse of an oil pump

You need to finish the quest line back to the basics of the ICA faction before you can download oil. The quest will also give you the oil pump lighthouse as a reward after completion.

However, later you will need more. As soon as you finish with the aforementioned quest, you can create an oil pump with 49,000 K-Mark, 12x hydraulic piston, 12x aluminum scrap and 200x scrip ICA.

A hydraulic piston can be found in industrial boxes with a higher chance of appearing in the levels of level 3. Aluminum scrap can be found in garbage containers and cabinets for civilians with a higher chance of appearing in levels 5.

The manufacture of lighthouses of oil pumps takes a long time-2 hours 30 minutes, to be precise. However, with each craft, X5 oily pump beacons will be produced instead of 1. This justifies the expectation.

Find oil deposits

You will find oil deposits only on the crescent waterfall. Go to places such as Skeleton, Skeleton Observation Site, Pinnacle Labs and Starport Warehouse; Basically, the eastern part of the card.

Look for large black stones on the ground, and then start mining them with the help of a pick. As soon as the rock is destroyed, an oil geyser will break out from under it. The height of the geyser determines how much oil needs to be assembled. However, if nothing shoots, the oil deposit has dried up, and you should move on.


Call the pump

As soon as you are satisfied with the oil field, interact with bubbling oil to place the light of the oil pump, which, in turn, will cause the pump from the sky.

The pump will be automatically installed at the oil field in order to start oil pumping. Now you must wait until the indicator on the pump begins to blink green. When you see the green light (or hear the sound signal), go for 1 Nic Oil canister, after which the pump will start filling out another canister.

The number of Nic Oil canister that you can get for the oil field depends on the field itself. You can get an average of 2 cans of Nic oil from a good oil field, but some players were able to pump up to 5 cans with butter.

Please note that you must pick up a filled cancer cancer so that the pump starts filling another canister. When all the oil is collected, the pump will stop working and disconnected.

Cify Pump

The oil pump makes a huge noise when pumping oil. Not to mention the fact that when you call an oil pump, there is a chance that the closest enemies noticed your location. Whether they see you or hear you, you will have to protect your oil field while it finishes pumping oil.

What to do with oil?

As elsewhere, oil is a very valuable and expensive product in The Cycle: Frontier. 1x Nic Oil Cannister can be sold for 20 183 K-Marks, as well as for 202 fraction points.