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PS4 players surprised with the stealthy launch of PS2 Classic

PS4 players have been surprised with a stealthy launch that can track their roots both in PS2 and PS1. The PS5 has been available for almost two years, but the PS4 not only continues to receive games, but, in some cases, get games that the PS5 does not even get. How long will this last? Not long. Perhaps a couple of years, although if a recession is imminent, it is very possible that it extends the useful life of the PS4. In any case, today it not only has a new game, but a new stealthy release.


The new stealthy launch is courtesy of the SNK editor and developer Code Mystics, who advanced and launched, out of nowhere, the King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match final edition for PS4, through PlayStation Store, where it costs $ 14.99. And this is the only way to get the game in the PS4, since it is not available in stores.

This version of the classic game was launched in 2014 through PC and Steam. However, he never reached PS4 so far. As for this version, it is presented as the last version and end of the King of Fighters ’98: definitive combat a new version of PS2 of 2004 The King of the fighters’ 98 which debuted in 1998 through the room of games before reaching domestic consoles such as Neo Geo and PS1.

Here is the official general description of the game directly from your PlayStation Store list: «The last evolution of The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition! The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, a completely refined version of The King of Fighters ’98, which is still an immensely popular game in the KOF series, finally arrives at PlayStation 4. Based on The King of Fighters ’98, This new Ultimate Match presents a new exclusive Ultimate Mode system and game equilibrium settings. Several game modes have also been added, such as challenge mode and practice mode. In addition, this title adopts the reversal network code for its online matches. Online lobbies can accommodate up to nine players and have a spectator mode. Online functions also have a large extent, including a repetition function for battles and configurations for pairing conditions. Point to the top winning the final battle among 64 popular characters in the history of The King of Fighters!

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