The championship in PNC 2022 in the UK Bagg National War, Korea is 4th

Craftton announced on the 20th that the Pub Nations Cup 2022 (PNC 2022), a battleground national competition, ended with the British team.

The PNC 2022, which was held at the Thailand and Bangkok icon Siam Mall from June 16 to 19, has been represented by 80 athletes and coaches in 16 countries, including the Americas, Asia Pacific, Asia, and Europe. The team played five times a day for four days, a total of 20 matches, and dueled for $ 500,000.

The win of the PNC 2022, which was held in three years, went to the British team, which scored a total of 203 points. The British team won the chicken from the first day and scored 63 points, starting the second place smoothly. On the second day, the British team, which won the chicken, added 32 points and maintained the second place with a cumulative 95 point, proving its stable performance. The British team, which completely boosted the performance, won the chicken from the first match on the 3rd, and ranked first with 65 points in the top match. On the fourth day, the gap with the second place was further widened, and became the first prize of $ 100,000.

The Korean team won fourth place with a total of 157 points, earning $ 44,000 in total. The first and second matches seemed to be second, but they seemed to start smoothly, but they scored 40 points on the first day and ranked 6th. On the second day, 43 points were added, ranking fourth with a total of 83 points, and on the third day, it was maintained in fourth place with a total of 120 points. On the last day, it was a Korean team who rose to third place over the Vietnamese team for a while, but finally finished the tournament with one chicken.

In the second place, the Vietnamese team, which won 177 points in the last match, rose dramatically. The Vietnamese team tied with the Brazilian team, which was second place with 18 points in the last match, but it was second in the final due to the higher cumulative ranking points according to the same rate regulations. The Vietnamese team won $ 58,000 and the Brazilian team, which ranked third, earned $ 50,000.

The prize money for each team will be further expanded through the Pick’em Challenge. Pick’EM Challenge is an event that is rewarded when you predict the winning team of Battleground E-Sports Tournament. Pick’EM Challenge votes can be obtained by purchasing PNC 2022 items, and 30%of PNC 2022 item sales revenue will be added to the total prize money and distributed to the team.

Meanwhile, in the second half of the year, a regional and regional competition will be held for the Pubg Global Championship (PGC) 2022. At the end of July, the Pubg Weekly Series (East Asia, PWS): Phase 2 is scheduled for Pubg Continental Series (PCS 7). In Asia, teams to compete in PGC 2022 are determined based on the PGC points obtained through four regions and regional competitions in 2022. More details will be informed later.


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