Additional new hero additions will be notified! Overwatch 2 Information disclosure event announcement content

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed a variety of new information at the public event of Overwatch 2 held from 2:00 am on June 17, Japan time. In this article, we will introduce the information you care about in a lump (Click here for the Cinematic Treller and Origin Story of Janker Queen).

New release strategy and new elements

  • On October 5, Overwatch 1 moved to Overwatch 2.

  • Season updates to add free content every 9 weeks.

  • In Season 1, which starts on October 5, a new support hero (appears soon) in addition to Sogyon and Janker Queen.

  • Treasure boxes are abolished and can unlock customizes from battle passes and regularly updated in-game stores.

  • New species of content such as weapon charms and banners appear.

  • Misic skin, which is rare than Legendary Skin and can customize, has appeared.

  • The items obtained in Overwatch 1 can be used on all platforms of Overwatch 2 regardless of PC or console.

  • PVE will be distributed by live service in 2023.

  • In the new rival play, you can increase the amount of information on the scoreboard and check the performance from the history after the match.

  • Skill rates are not quantified and divided into skill tier. Not only is it good at game play, but only those who have played for a long time can acquire high skill tier.

  • A new voice line is added, and the heroes exchange conversations. The number is over 2,5,000.

Janker Queen

  • Developed on the premise of 5vs5, we thought about the ability to support the team as the only tank.

  • Many abilities absorb the life from the enemy.

  • Trade mark ax is used for multiple abilities.

  • The second weapon is jagged blade.

  • Quick proximity attacks the knife down. The amount of damage is slightly large, leaving a wound (bleeding effect?)

  • Sub-attack throws a knife. When returning the knife, pull the enemy if you are stuck in the enemy.


  • Commanding shout increases the speed and armor of the surrounding ally.

  • Ultimate. Ability is Lampage. Switch the weapon and rush to leave the wound to the contacted enemy. It is easy to hit because the range is wide, damaging many targets, recovering yourself and preventing enemies recovery.

Overwatch 2 is scheduled to start early access to PC (Battle.net)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Sereis X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch on October 5. The official website accepts application for the next beta test. For details on beta test, check out the official Frequently Asked Questions.