Zorro – The Chronicles: The journey of the masked avenger is currently available!

When the BTC Studios and BKOM Studios announced the video game Zorro-The Chronicles of the same name in spring 2021, the launch was actually prepared for the subsequent autumn. Clearly nothing has actually ended up being of this, the masked hero has been a little bit late.

Now the delay has come to an end: Zorro has made it as well as can be used directly on the PC and all consoles for the weak as well as bad from today, and also with a hat and also sword, a competent z carve the horrible oppressors on the pants.

Zorro-The Chronicles: Who is behind the hero’s mask?

Which is precisely what you require to make sure that you can stand up to Sergeant Garcia as well as his soldiers and also can rest the sleep of the righteous in the evening. Exactly how you freed the inadequate people in the Spanish California of the 19th century from the claws of the military is entirely up to you: With various abilities you can concentrate on stealth objectives or hurry off the swell with the sword.

Prior to you execute your jobs as a covered up avenger, you first need to determine who gets on the function of Zorro: Diego or his sibling Ines? Both bring their very own benefits to the beginning, but of course are just as brilliant in their balancings as well as creeping abilities.


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  • Zorro-The Chronicles: The covered up hero involves the consoles and the PC

As already discussed, Zorro’s video game adventure is based on the computer animation series of the very same name, which we pay attention to the typical German title Zorro-Appeal of a Tale. Along with Diego and also Ines, other characters from the collection normally get their look in the game.

Zorro-The Chronicles is currently offered for PlayStation 4 and also 5, the Xbox One as well as Xbox Series, the Nintendo Switch and also the PC. While all console variations, whether literally or digital, expense 39.99 euros, the game on Heavy steam is considerably cheaper: there you can accompany Zorro on his adventure for just 24.99 euros, with you till 23. Even 10% saves in June.

Zorro-The Chronicles is now available for PlayStation 4 as well as 5, the Xbox One as well as Xbox Series, the Nintendo Change and the PC. While all console versions, whether physically or digital, price 39.99 euros, the video game on Steam is dramatically more affordable: there you can come with Zorro on his adventure for only 24.99 euros, with you up until 23. Even 10% conserves in June.

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