What will happen to Scratched Gyoza with a remake? Sora earmes that were very popular in Bio 4

The release of the remake version Resident Evil Re: 4 has been announced, and Resident Evil 4 is being spotlighted again. With this, the fans seem to be recalling the Sky Ear Mam , which was very popular at the time.


Mysterious language emitted by Ganad

In Resident Evil 4, a creature called Ganad appeared instead of zombies. They are the hosts of parasites called Praga and attack the players while keeping their intelligence.

Due to intelligence, Ganad seems to be able to communicate in language. During the work, I shouted something and chased it endlessly toward the main character Leon S. Kennedy .

However, their words often have no subtitles, and most players could not hear. Because of that, some lines begin to become popular as empty ear .

One of the most typical is Opai Para Sauce! , which you can listen to in the early village, and gyoza! that you can hear when entering the old castle. Even if you think in context, it is almost undoubtedly not saying that, but now many players have been heard only on the ears of the ears.

In addition, Boss is a beautiful boy, Burned Picarinho, Hiace! Mataro! Conversely, there were dialogues that had to feel close, such as Oh R… hey!

By the way, the stage of Resident Evil 4 is Spain. In other words, Ganad speaks Spanish. For example, Opai Para Sauce! Is OS VOY A Romper a Pedazos accurate words, and the meaning is I will tear it! . It was meaningful…

In the remake version of Resident Evil Re: 4, it is stated that the stage is Europe. For the time being, it contains Spanish in language, so you may be able to hear nostalgic empty ears again.