New world

Pal World, which is a hot topic with Pokemon of Darkness, released new video

Cute monsters in Pokémon appeared, but unexpectedly bloody plays were released, and Crafting Survival ‘Pal World’, which was eye-catching, showed a new play video.

The Pal World Developer Pocket Fair unveiled its new Pal World Game Play Trailer at the Future Game Show 2022 on the 12th. Pal World is an open world game based on the world where the virtual monster arm appears. Combined with the collecting elements of collecting multiple monsters and crafting survival factors that make the equipment and buildings you want to collect materials.


As mentioned earlier, many cute and strong monsters appear in Pal World. In Pokémon, the trainer and Pokemon are depicted as a friendship, but in the palm world, it is used as a tool rather than a friend. Basically, you can collect monsters in the field and use the collected monsters for multiple purposes. It is also possible to use a gun with a gun, but it is also used as a laborator who turns the factory or digs the ore, a ride on the move, and a bullet for mortar.

Through this video, you can see a player who holds a gun and shoots a monster directly, a battle in which the player and monsters are holding together, special equipment that can catch a lot of monsters at once, and monsters suffering from labor from ores.. In many ways, it is expected to be completed as a game with a lot of twisted cliches.

Pal World will support multiplayer and will be released through Steam this year.