Fans demanding a remake of resident Evil code Veronica

During the last State of Play, Capcom made the dreams of many, and confirmed that a remake of resident Evil 4 is already in development, and will reach our hands next year. However, a group of fans is not fully happy with this, since they hoped that code Veronica was the next to receive this treatment .

Through social networks, the response to Resident Evil 4 remake has been very positive. However, there are also a group of people who are disappointed that resident Evil: Code Veronica does not have any type of remake, although many expect this to be the next delivery to be reimagined for modern platforms .

The remake of Resident Evil 4 already has a release date, which means that the development is about to end.

If you want the development team to make a new version of Code: Veronica below, the best thing you can do as a fan is to inform Capcom (be kind about it, of course!).

In addition, yes, Re4 Remake is one thing, I suppose. You can see it well. I am not very excited about it. I still want a lot to have done Code Veronica first, since that game needed a review much more than RE4.


Code Veronica needs a new version more than RE4, because RE4 is still perfect, while CV is shit. In addition, it is more a main game than 3 not me.

As you can see, although there are people who regret that code Veronica does not have a remake at the moment, they expect this to happen in the future, and this without disqualifying the new version of _resident evil 4, which is A step in the right direction to have a healthy conversation.

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Editor’s note:

It is good to see a fairly civilized conversation on this subject. As many, I also expect a remake of Resident Evil, we would not only see an impressive job for a title that does deserve it, but would be more accessible to the public.