Which Are The Best ACTION RPG At The End Of The Last Century?

At the end of the last century, the best ACTION RPG is undoubtedly MMORPG. It was released in Korea in 1998 and quickly became a global phenomenon. The game is set in a medieval world and allows players to take on the role of different characters, including knights, wizards, and warriors.

MMORPG is a prevalent genre, and it has spawned many different games over the years. However, none have been able to match the success of MMORPG. The game is still going strong today, with millions of players worldwide.

Action RPGs, or ARPGs, are a dime a dozen these days. It can be hard to decide which ones are worth your time with so many to choose from. This article will help you make that decision by looking at some of the best action RPGs released at the end of the last century.


Fortunately, anime-based games are not limited to browser-based games, but online arena-based PvP is necessary. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is a full AAA game with quirky graphics and whirlwind gameplay inspired by the battles from Dynasty Warriors. In the role of Luffy, the player will have to travel the world of One Piece and fight against sworn enemies, enlisting the support of loyal allies in the face of real players.
The highlight of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is dynamic battles in which the player simultaneously fights against dozens of opponents. True, they will not cause difficulties, but the bosses will make the gamer sweat a lot.


Attack on Titan 2 is an action game based on the popular anime of the same name. You can play both in single-player mode and with friends in co-op and multiplayer. As in the series, the player will be behind the deaf, high walls that protect people from carnivorous titans. The survivors have created various military units whose members can resist the giant monsters. The role of one of these soldiers is assigned to the gamer.
The player will have to fight the titans using various heroes. As in the anime, the battles are pretty spectacular due to the flying mechanisms used by the characters.


Role-playing action based on Master of the Sword Online. In this project, there is no plot canonical for manga and anime – instead, players will go to the world of Gun Gale Online, where they will have to fight various monsters on the ruins of modern civilization. In combat, you can use both melee weapons and firearms (sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and so on).


Action like Dark Souls, but with anime style. The player will take on the role of an immortal vampire and find himself in a modern world that has survived the apocalypse. He will have to fight monsters like a hero, upgrade his skills, look for new weapons and go through story missions. You can travel alone or with a friend in co-op.


An ambitious anime RPG by miHoYo designed for cross-platform play on mobile and desktop devices. The game lets adventurers into an open and surprisingly beautiful fantasy world filled with magical creatures, exciting stories, and memorable characters.
The monotony of the grind will brighten up the combat system with the ability to use up to four characters in battle, and regular events with valuable prizes will not let you get bored. If you have patience, new heroes can be obtained without making fabulous sums into the game.


MMO slasher with a dynamic combat system and anime girls in short skirts. But not only ladies attract an audience to the game – they go into it to relax with their friends and clear dozens, if not hundreds of dungeons. Enemy battles are what you would expect from an anime – the visuals are wow, the characters use their abilities endlessly in their battle dances, and the crowds of enemies do not let you rest.
Although chopping monsters into cabbages can get boring sooner or later, the game is free and perfect for spending a couple of evenings with friends.


Another game that will impress you with a pleasant anime drawing, which is why you came here. Interestingly, Honkai Impact 3rd was developed by the same people who gave us Genshin Impact, so fans of the latter are advised to pay attention. In terms of gameplay, this is a standard slasher, where you need to link attacks into spectacular combos, watch the characters’ graceful movements, and take part in mini-games that dilute the endless battles.


Games from the Warrior series (Dynasty, Samurai, Orochi) reproduce on your screens a real medieval battle with thousands of units at the same time, and your character will be lost somewhere in this vast crowd. Warrior is loved for its excellent combat system, which allows, on behalf of a super-strong warrior, to scatter computer blanks right and left as part of large-scale battles and get close to their bosses.
We recommend looking at Warrior’s Orochi 4 – this game has united the heroes of related series and puts them against the Olympian gods all of a sudden. At the same time, the plot is connected with other parts, and a fierce meat grinder with a restrained anime picture remains at the head of the gameplay.


In the original royal battle, the participants of which, according to the traditions of Japanese anime, have a trump card in their pocket in the form of a colossal mecha. There are ten mechs to choose from, each with unique weaponry and fighting style. At first, you will have to fight according to the classic rules of the genre, but as soon as your multi accumulates, you can summon a mechanical assistant to the battlefield, jump into it and watch the rival’s sparkling heels.
A good balance in Super Mecha Champions still won’t allow you to become an invincible warrior in armor – even giant robots can be defeated if you study their abilities and resort to cunning.


A vigorous series of Japanese fighters, offering on behalf of anime characters to deal with giant, no, gigantic monsters, which, according to the plot, turned out as a result of an unsuccessful experiment.
This is a solid action game that we recommend playing with friends because with comrades, it is much more fun to fight giant monsters than alone. We also note a good story, customization, and, of course, a nice picture.


Another anime slasher with beautiful girls who deftly deal with their enemies and divert the attention of the players themselves from them. This plot does not piss off the grind and responsive controls. Although, at first glance, it may seem that the developers are masking the boring gameplay of her heroines, in reality, this is not entirely true – this is, if not great, but a worthy action game with a variety of PvE and PvP content. The game is available for free – download it yourself and see our description.