Return digital announcing summer presentation

Although many companies do not plan to carry out a special presentation during the time where the E3 was usually carried out, there are others that they have planned to hold a digital event, and return digital is one of those. That’s right, the irreverent company that has been in charge of publishing some of the best indies games in recent years, and this time a mechatronic version of Suda51 is involved .

Through a new teaser, returning Digital officially announced its event for summer, known as ** Retur ), or 5:00 pm (Mexico City).

Together with the promise of an event presented by a mechatronic version of Gichi Suda51 Suda, the company has indicated that they will have, at least, four revelations during the presentation that promises to be the most fun of next week . Let us remember that last year they took a look at trek to yomi, Wizard with a Gun, inscryption, Death’s door and more.

Although the amount of ads is probably not so big, we will see quality. Remember, returning Marketing Countdown to Marketing will take place on June 9 , the same day that the great presentation of the Summer Game Fest, at 5:00 pm (Time of Mexico City). In related issues, Limited Run Games will also carry out a special presentation next week. Similarly, these are all events for this summer.

Editor’s note:

The presentations of returning digital are 80% sketches that make fun of the video game industry, and 20% ads that really are worth it, and it seems that this year will be similar. It is not a complaint. It is good to see that the company continues with this type of presentations regardless of what happens in the middle.