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Is the May 2022 Escape from Tarkov Wipe Delayed?

The Escape from Tarkov community is preparing for the arrival of a wipe that is expected in the coming weeks. Many players have understood a situation as a delay in the complete restart of the game. However, the game director has given somewhat bittersweet news regarding this possibility. On his official Twitter account, Nikita Buyanov has announced the release of the first iteration of Streets of Tarkov before the arrival of next fall.

Is the next Escape from Tarkov Wipe delayed?
Wipes are complete erases of player progress and typically come to the game every six months. This will be the case until the official launch takes place since the development managers have not yet been able to stabilize the economy and create an interesting playable loop when all the missions have been completed. However, they are only introduced when there is big news. Map expansion, significant quality of life adjustments, or a new scenario often come with complete wipes.

The first playable version of the map must be released before September 21. Considering that there are only four months left for this date and that Streets of Tarkov will probably arrive in the game before, the time frame is insufficient. We could have a particularly long loop in the first half of the year in this sense. In this sense, it seems very unlikely that a wipe will occur over the next few weeks if the Streets of Tarkov are so close to arriving.

The most ambitious map of Escape from Tarkov
Streets of Tarkov is the most ambitious map ever created, both in size and functionality. Almost two years have passed since its announcement. The developers are still working on including new mechanics such as the arrival of a zone boss in a militarized vehicle accompanied by five bodyguards or the explosions that can open paths in different walls. Nikita Buyanov has promised to give more information regarding the game over the next week when the title’s future could be revealed.

To learn more about the Streets of Tarkov or the next wipe, we will have to be attentive to the following dates. In addition to the Tarkov TV promised by the game director, the PC Gaming Show conference will also take place, which returns despite the cancellation of E3 2022. Nikita and company will have Escape from Tarkov news ready by then. In recent years, the video game has been a fixture of this technical presentation in the world of video games for computers.