Which Are The Best Online Zombie Games In 2022?

Zombie games will be popular in 2022. With the zombie apocalypse now a regular fixture of many people’s lives, a wave of new games looks to recreate the thrills and terrors of living on the wrong side of the last man standing. We provide reviews and videos for the best zombie games for gamers in 2022 and beyond. We’ll also offer a rundown of titles that are best played in co-op with friends and those perfect for those who want to overcome the zombies solo. We’re not just about zombies, though! You can find reviews for other terrifying video game subgenres such as survival horror, action horror, or roguelikes. For example, we have extensive coverage of recent indie smash hit The Persistence and Friday 13th: The Game, so you know if it’s worth buying before committing your hard-earned cash.


The most popular online zombie game on PC has grown into an independent project from a modification for Arma II. Players will have more than 230 square kilometers of open territory with forests, fields, and villages, represented by the fictional state of Chernorussia. At the same time, 60 players can simultaneously engage in survival on one server – not enough for a full-fledged MMO, but quiet enough for a session zombie survival.


The popular shooter/horror No More Room in Hell continues the top online zombie games. Only close teamwork and mutual assistance will help the players, united in a squad of eight people, to survive in the horror of the zombie apocalypse that has hit the world. After all, one bite – and the unfortunate will leave his comrades, joining the army of carnivorous dead. Among the excellent features: are several modes, a large selection of weapons, and various types of enemies. With all this, the game is available on Steam for free.


A client-side multiplayer survival game styled like a violent TV show in which criminals condemned to death fight zombies and each other on a vast abandoned island.
The island pleases not only with its impressive size but also with excellent rendering and a variety of flora, fauna, terrain, and objects placed on it – all thanks to an upgraded version of the Unreal Engine 4 engine. And the survival system is distinguished by the fact that the character has many physical and biological indicators that are sensitive to external factors and the actions of the player himself.
Perhaps, in this regard, SCUM can be considered one of the most severe and realistic survival simulators.


Dead Maze’s pluses and features are nice hand-drawn graphics, a convenient isometric view, and a free distribution model. The gameplay is made following the genre’s standards: united in a group, players must explore the world searching for weapons, food, medicine, and other valuable resources. There is also the opportunity to build your camp with a house and a garden, equipping its territory at your discretion.


A free-to-play multiplayer shooter with role-playing elements that invites players to immerse themselves in the dark world of the apocalypse, where the army of the dead has established its power over the living. At the same time, the game is designed for the long term – missions and environments are constantly updated, and the abundance of loot and pumped abilities make it close to traditional MMORPGs.


Zombie survival in the spirit of Left 4 Dead: with gloomy environments and thoughtless, but at the same time fun shootouts. You can play it alone, but it will not be half as exciting as with friends. There are several modes, various weapons, valuable items, and zombies from all sides – a classic of the genre that will never get bored.


Free competitive shooter with zombies and survivors can be downloaded from the Steam service. The players are divided into two teams, each of which has its weapons and unique abilities, but everyone has the same goal – to take out the opposing team in any way. At the same time, Zombie Panic! Source features three different modes that give the process of confrontation between the teams of the living and the dead some features.


A multiplayer zombie survival game in the spirit of DayZ. We run around the world, collect items, and shoot back at zombies and marauders. It has Battle Royale, which is very beloved by modern players, as one of the additional modes. The game does not represent anything particularly outstanding, except that it is available completely free.


A line of multiplayer shooters dedicated to the eternal confrontation between plants and zombies. The series has three games, each of which contains many diverse characters, humor, exciting battles, and a beautiful picture of the Frostbite engine.


A role-playing sandbox with primitive graphics but endless gameplay possibilities. The world is waiting for you again, flooded with the walking dead. Still, you decide who you will be – a bandit that robs survivors, a lone wolf, a conscientious ranger, a farmer, a merchant … Role servers offer to play various roles and reproduce everything that we could see in films, read in books or invent in your head.
In addition to survival, a sandbox mode offers to explore post-apocalyptic versions of actual geographic areas, including Russia. And all this is available for free.


In the open world from the Russian studio Fantastic, MMO is dedicated to survival in the United States covered by a zombie epidemic. The developers promise a bunch of gameplay mechanics, including crafting, inventory management, vehicle management, battles with melee and firearms, and much more.