New SLY Cooper PS5 game revealed by Insider

A well -known video game expert has mocked when PlayStation could choose to reveal his new entry in the Sly Cooper series, which is so much rumored. In the course of last year, we listen to numerous rumors related to a new version of Sly Cooper that would reach PlayStation 5 in the future. And although the details are still scarce about how this rebirth could end, we now have a better idea of when more details could be directly from Sony.

Mentioned in the last episode of The Podcast of Xboxera The presenter Nick Baker shared that he does not believe that announcement related to the new Sly Cooper for PS5 next June. In recent days, rumors have emerged that suggest that Sony could have a new PlayStation State of Play style event within a month. However, although this ends up happening, Baker has said that he does not believe cooper cunning 5, or as this new installment is called, it will be announced at this time. Instead, he said that it should happen at a later date in 2022.

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Perhaps the main reason why this new Baker information is remarkable is because it corroborates a previous rumor that we had heard in relation to Sly Cooper. At the beginning of this spring, another renowned video game expert shared similar details and said that PlayStation would not reveal anything related to Sly Cooper until the second half of 2022. Although none of this is still official (and as such it must be taken with a grain of salt), the fact that two people with different privileged information are listening to approximately the same information about Sly Cooper is a good omen for an announcement later in 2022. If such revelation ends up taking place, we will make sure to inform you here in comicbook.com.com When the moment comes.

Are you someone who is excited about a possible Renaissance of Sly Cooper in PS5? What if PlayStation chooses to restart this series or, on the other hand, creates a new sequel to sly Cooper: thieves in time? Let me know your own thoughts in the comments or send me a message on Twitter to @Mooreman12.