Details of the One Piece letters game revealed

More details have been revealed about the next One Piece card game. _. Although the rules were written in Japanese, an approximate English translation has circulated on the Internet, providing the players with a first glance of what the rules will imply.

Each one -piece letters In addition to a leader letter, players can have character cards, event cards and location cards on their mallet. Each captain has a specific amount of life, which is represented by drawing letters from the player’s deck and placing them next to the captain. Both Luffy and Kaido have 5 life, but it seems that some leaders will have more or less life than others. The objective of each one -piece lettergame is to reduce the leader of an opponent to 0 lives.

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Another interesting aspect of the game is how the cards are played. Each card in a piece of cards of a piece_ has a cost of “gift” (Don is a common sound effect in a piece equivalent to the rhythm of a drum). In addition to the main deck of a player, each player also has a deck of ten cards that can use to feed the skills of a character or put them on the playing field. At the beginning of each turn, a player steals two Don and places them in his Don area. They can spend Don to play characters, attach Don to characters to increase their power or spend Don to activate some ability. When Don is used, he returns to the Don area, so it seems that players will gradually have more energy per turn to use certain skills.

Attacking and defending is a relatively simple process in Game of one -piece cards. When a player attacks, he chooses an objective. The objective has the opportunity to counterattack if you have the ability to do so. Otherwise, the letter wins with the highest power. If the player has pointed to the leader of his opponent, the opponent takes a letter of life and puts it in his hand. If they pointed to another character letter, that letter is ruled out.

Based on the initial rules (and understanding that the rules are not official), it seems that games of a piece of a piece will be a mixture of the magia commander format: the meeting with some elements of Pokémon: the game of collectible cards also involved. _Cate -piece letter