Tiny tinas wonderlands

2K, Tiny Tinas Wonderland Season Pass 2nd DLC Gambling of Taesik reveals

2K and Gearbox announced on the 20th that they unveiled the second DLC ‘Taesik’s Gambling’, ‘Tiny Tina’s Wonderland’ season pass.

The Gambling of the Tests is the second of the four DLCs included in the season pass, and the sand witch Imelda tells the story of the manufacture of potions for inspiring him with food and terrible power.

For three weeks after its launch, Sandwitch Immelda will make a potion that makes him transform into a more tender beast and will deal with the player every week.

The new legendary equipment is added to the list of loot according to the difficulty of being difficult every week, which can be obtained by obtaining the loot through the battle or collecting the “lost soul” to return the “Wheel of Vesper’s Fate”.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Season Pass Trailer

The schedule for the change of Imelda is posted on the official site of the game, and even if you play the gambling of the desk over time, you must defeat each form in order to check the following form.

If you challenge the higher difficulty, you can hear the hidden motives of the sand witch Imelda that Vesper tells, and the content is available in the Dream Watching Center if it is level 13 or higher regardless of the game progress.

If you successfully complete the gambling gambling, you will be able to enjoy the top dungeons more diverse by adding new bosses and five unique level layouts to the end content ‘Chaos Room’.