Which are The Best Street Online Racing Games on PC?

In 2001 Fast and the Furious was released on cinema screens – a film after which every motorist wanted to become a daring street racer who famously maneuvers in city traffic, effortlessly avoids police cars, and makes rivals swallow dust and smoke from under the wheels.

The demand for street racing could not pass by the gaming industry unnoticed, so the game Need for Speed: Underground was released two years later, which launched the fashion for street racing. Of course, we were allowed to drive around city blocks and industrial zones in earlier projects, but Underground, with its famous E-Ron-dong-dong, brought games about street racing almost into a separate genre. We will tell about its best representatives in this collection.

Forza Horizon 3-4-5-6
The atmosphere of an endless festival, the roads of sunny Australia, and competitions, competitions, competitions. Few street racing games on PC can boast such an abundance of content as Forza Horizon: a huge free territory for exploration, hundreds of cars, a vast number of modes, including illegal races with city traffic, additional activities scattered throughout the map, co-op – in general, there is something to do here.
In addition, the series boasts stunningly beautiful graphics, a tremendous licensed soundtrack, and an emphasis on socialization: gamers can share their car designs, challenges, and races with the community.

Need for Speed ​​(2015)
Another attempt to change the course of the series – this time a return to the times of the Underground. Need for Speed ​​(2015) is a classic street racing game in an attempt to earn the respect of big-name street racers.
Alas, the success of the cult mastermind Need for Speed ​​(2015) failed to repeat: the game can disappoint with a boring open world, a childishly naive plot, and sluggish chases with cops. However, the advantages of the project outweigh the disadvantages: gamers are waiting for excellent graphics (especially on PC), rich tuning, flexible control settings, and adrenaline races in the night city.

The Crew 1
A multiplayer arcade racing game with vast open-world massive, landscape-rich territories is available for gamers to explore. Unlike the linear Need for Speed: The Run, you can drive in any direction, participate in any races, and buy cars.
Yes, the games have issues with balance and network code, but at the same time, they can offer an impressive set of content. The plot of The Crew tells about illegal races. You can participate in various races during the campaign, spend hours in the garage tuning your cars, or ride around the locations searching for new activities.

Need for Speed: Rivals/Hot Pursuit (2010)
Games that offer racers to stand on both sides of the law – to arrange illegal races on tuned sports cars or to chase violators behind the wheel of a police car.
Different teams develop rivals and Hot Pursuit. Still, they are very similar: both contain a career mode for street racers and police officers, expand the gameplay using gadgets, and allow you to compete with other players in multiplayer.

Need for Speed: Heat
Another game in the Need for Speed ​​series and the best of the latest installments in the line dedicated to street racing. Perhaps Heat will not impress you with the plot, soundtrack, and picture, but in terms of gameplay, the game can give odds to many competitors and, in some aspects, even compete with the invincible Most Wanted!
Here you will go to the streets of Palm City, where you will participate in street races: legal – during the day, illegal – at night. And if the former is within the law and therefore rather dull, then the latter will give you a powerful adrenaline rush because the cops in Need for Speed ​​​​Heat are furious and do not forgive mistakes.

The Crew 2
The sequel to Ubisoft’s open-world racing game, in which the developers have significantly expanded the list of vehicles and challenges available to players.
So, motorboats and airplanes joined the cars, and there were many more competitions: street racing, off-road racing, freestyle, professional racing, and so on. Of course, the systems of tuning and styling of cars remained in place, allowing you to turn the four-wheeled “monster” into a miracle of engineering and design.

GRID Legends
The last part of the GRID series has absorbed all the most “delicious” ideas of the development team implemented in previous projects. It’s not quite street racing here, but racing competitions often take place on tracks organized in cities, the rules are repeatedly violated, and the degree of driver aggression rolls over.
The project was given not only a successful career mode but also a fantastic multiplayer in which pilots can compete both in circuit racing, drifting, and driving with obstacles, as well as in tough multi-class races, knockout matches, and duels with sworn rivals.

Grand Theft Auto V
Perhaps it is strange to see an action-adventure on this list, but do not rush to scribble angry comments! Grand Theft Auto V features a series of racing missions in which you will drive through the streets of Los Santos, dodging oncoming cars and trying to overtake rivals.
Even more street racing is available in the GTA Online multiplayer mode, where players can organize and customize racing events, add additional challenges to them, and use all available means – including weapons – to win.