WWE 2K22: Most Wanted Pack Available

With the Most Wanted Pack, players can let it rip around in WWE 2K22 from today.

In the second DLC pack, Cactus Jack, one of the many roles of the WWE Hall of Famers Mick Foley, is in the foreground. He is a triple WWE Champion, eight -time WWE Tag Team Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, WCW World Tag Team Champion and double ECW Team Champion.

WWE 2K22 Most Wanted Pack available now

Also part of the game is the mighty Vader, triple WCW Heavyweight Champion and WCW United States Champion. Her debut in the WWE 2K series makes the fearsome, worms destructive Boogeyman, the NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov and the former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Indi Hartwell.

All five superstars have their own ‘my faction’ evo cards that can be upgraded in the ‘My Group’ gameplay.

  • WWE 2K22 Most Wanted Pack for Xbox Series X | S download – 9.99 euros
  • Download WWE 2K22 Most Wanted Pack for Xbox One – 9.99 euros

There will be three more DLC packs in the coming months. The content packages are available individually and also included as a complete package in the Season Pass, the Deluxe Edition and the NWO 4-Life Digital Edition from WWE 2K22.