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Which is the LoL Champion with the Least Damage?

The League of Legends community doesn’t pay much attention to stats. However, there is one exceptional record that all players pay attention to once they have finished the game. We’re talking, of course, about damage dealt with enemy champions. While it’s a much smaller variable than we think, it’s easy to take pride in seeing that we’ve managed to wreak havoc on Summoner’s Rift. However, it is a somewhat unfair reading. Not all heroes created by Riot Games are meant to take life away from enemies.

The champions with the least damage in League of Legends
Our goal is to review the champions with the least damage in League of Legends games. We will take into account the average stats at all ranks, although we have decided to remove support characters and Ivern. The reason is simple if they were added, they would take up the list, and it would be too dull a check. You should know that the champion who takes the most miniature life from rivals in general terms is Soraka, who barely deals 5,108 points of damage. Ivern’s case is somewhat more positive, although they remain at 8,073 health points.













Karma (Medium)



Jarvan IV



According to the explained method, these are the champions:

The truth is that we did not expect the result that we have found. Although Nunu (12,040 damage) in his tank version is almost harmless, it is surprising to see him in the last position of the list, considering that AP items are used in nearly 30% of the games he appears. Otherwise, the data would be even lower. No less striking is the case of Shen, who is a champion with great early game trades and fight survivability. He doesn’t strike, but we expected a little more because of such long matches.

The situation is easier to understand with Udyr (13,507), who is third from the bottom. Admittedly, in the case of this champion, his most effective play mode is with a fully tanky build. If we were surprised, it would only be due to the memory of some of his most offensive options that have already disappeared. The case is very similar to the average Karma (13,784). He could do tons of damage and wear down with his Q (Inner Flame), but most players go for utility.

As we can see from the data reviewed so far, external damage does not imply a poor win rate. However, Jarvan IV (13,787) falls a bit short in form. A situation that is due solely to the state of the champion. Indeed, it fits perfectly in the competitive League of Legends, and professionals use it a lot, but it is not easy to make it work in ranked games. We need a team that follows us and an excellent strategic approach that we can’t consistently execute.

As for the opposite exercise, the champions with more damage, the truth is that the situation has not changed much since we analyzed it. Karthus is still the king of League of Legends with an R (Requiem) capable of volatilizing the health bar of several enemies at once. The truth is that, in that case, it is not at all surprising to see his excellent performance.