Which are the Best Non-combat MMORPG 2022?

The structure of MMOs can be very different. World of Warcraft is brutal compared to games like Fortnite or League of Legends. But one thing ties them together: the fight. However, in this list, we would like to introduce you to MMOs where this can be avoided entirely. What defines a non-combat MMO? Multiplayer games with no combat at all often rely heavily on social components. There are also some MMOs with action but options. We want to introduce you to 5 games with (almost) no combat. Plus, you’ll find other MMOs at the end that you can theoretically do without fighting.

Pumpkin Days

Pumpkin Days, formerly known as Pumpkin Online, bills itself as a farming and dating MMORPG. In the game, you should:
Participate in role-play
Grow your farm and expand your home
Meet friends and NPCs
and do tasks.
Pumpkin Days is currently in Early Access on Steam after raising $37,129 on Kickstarter. This campaign ended on July 31, 2019. As of November 5, 2020, the game has 282 reviews, 86% of which are positive.

What can you experience in the game?
In Pumpkin Day, you create a character and choose a class that can be leveled up over time. To do this, you have to complete the appropriate missions and mini-games.
You can collect materials and trade to expand your own house and farm. You will learn about your community and its stories.
MMO places excellent emphasis on gender-neutral and individual design choices. You can also date and build relationships with NPCs.

Is there no Non-combat?
While Pumpkin Day emphasizes progression and quests, it doesn’t have any combat-related content.

Second Life

Second Life is a 3D online world that many people have heard of. The game focuses on the social aspect and gets a lot of attention. In this world, you can:
Create your avatar
Get in touch with other players and use voice chat for this
Participate in role-play
Buy land and build on it.
According to Gridsurvey, the game has more than 60 million registered accounts, and even today, there are about 40,000 simultaneous players. The game is Free2Play, but some content requires a subscription.

What can you experience in the game?
In theory, there are virtually no limits to your thoughts and desires. So you can live in a city, meet friends and like-minded people there, buy a house, and have pets.
But you can also go to a bar, explore the world or become a famous architect or fashion designer. A lot of the content is based on the real world, and it is also possible to use some fantasy content and play a vampire or furry character.

Is there no Non-combat?
In some parts of the world, weapons could theoretically be used. There are both pistols and rifles, briefly turning the game into a third-person shooter, along with swords and hidden dungeons, more of an MMORPG.

Star Stable Online

Star Stable is a horse-themed MMO. You create a character that you can use to explore Jorvik Island’s different regions and settlements. You solve quests and puzzles and follow a story.
The point is your horse, and you can take care of it and keep improving.
Servers for the Swedish version of Star Stable went live in September 2011. In June 2012, it was published in English and other languages.

What can you experience in the game?
During character creation, you get your first horse directly. Earn more or buy over time:
The game offers a large number of different breeds of horses
Some are real, and some are fictional
You can level and train your horse
Horses have other emotions that affect their performance
Each horse has its stats and special abilities
You can develop a reputation for various factions
Completing quests and tending steel horses gives you Jorvik Shillings, an in-game currency that you can use to buy various items, such as new accessories for your horse or your in-game character.
If the horses are well cared for and in a good mood, you can explore different tracks with them. Star Stable Online offers over 60 channels of varying difficulty levels. Competitions have rewards, as well as rankings for the best players.

Is there no Non-combat?
Yes, you can only compete with players in tournaments or other competitions. However, you cannot attack them anytime.

Wurm Online

Wurm Online bills itself as the ultimate sandbox MMORPG. You are free to design the world and place houses wherever you have free and unused land.
You play in an open world with no instances and can be designed by you. Exploration, demolition, and construction play an essential role in this. Many also refer to it as Minecraft for adults.
Wurm Online is Free2Play, but also offers you an optional subscription. The MMORPG was released on December 12, 2012, and expanded in 2015 by the single-player version Wurm Unlimited.
In July 2020, Wurm Online finally launched on Steam. There are currently 1,071 reviews, 57% of which have mixed positive reviews.

What can you experience in the game?
Wurm Online is not for players who want to make significant progress quickly. To build a house, you must:
Cut down trees and process them into trunks.
The trunk was sawn into planks.
However, to build something from planks, you’ll need nails.
For this you need iron from mine, then you have to put
it is melting.
The first wall can now be created with planks and nails.
In addition to a sophisticated and in-depth crafting system and the ability to actively shape the landscape, Wurm Online offers classic MMORPG content such as:
Creatures and bosses you can attack.
A trading system.
Three factions at war.

Is there no Non-combat?
Wurm Online offers you classic battles. But of the many MMORPGs that theoretically allow you to skip combat, Wurm is one of the best.

Eve Online

Although Eve Online is a space PvP game, you can play different roles in the game in several ways. As a member of the Signal Cartel, you avoid PvP and are a peaceful explorer.
The features of this group are:
respectful behavior
and peaceful intentions.
Anyone who joins the group or follows their urge to explore can get through the space MMO without a fight.

Black desert online
Even though combat plays a significant role in Black Desert, you can live as a fisherman or farmer in an MMORPG. You can also get gold coins and experience points by crafting.
Especially in fishing spots, you will meet a lot of players. This is your way of peacefully connecting with others and making progress in BDO.