The price of the PC version of the Soul Like Action “Salt and Sacrifice” has been released in some countries. In Brazil, the price is nearly 3 times

Developer SKA STUDIOS released the Salt and Sacrifice on May 10. This work is being distributed for PS4/PS5 and PC. Among them, the selling price of the PC version at the EPIC GAMES store has been changed in some countries. Fans seem to be confused by some countries that have been significantly increased. Overseas media Techraptor and others report.

This work is a sequel to “Salt and Sanctuary”, which was released in 2016 and received high praise. Players will be the heresy, aiming to hunt the magician who is confused by the kingdom. Following the previous work, which was also described as the 2D version of “Dark Soul”, it features a chewy gameplay, and has also introduced an online multiplayer element.

“SALT AND SACRIFICE” is on sale in Japan for both PC and PS4/PS5 versions for 1980 yen. Due to the $ 19.99 in the United States, the domestic price will be slightly cheaper in light of the current exchange rate ($ 19.99 = about 2600 yen), but it will be a common price in the United States and the United States in games.

On the other hand, for example, in Brazil, the PC version was accepted in 37.99 Real. This is about 970 yen when converted to Japanese yen. It seems that the price in Brazil has been changed to 104.9 Real (about 2700 yen) after the release of this work. The price increased nearly three times the reservation price.

At first glance, it may seem like the cheap price has been corrected. However, in Brazil, the price at the time of reservation acceptance can be considered more appropriate. This is because prices vary depending on the country and region. For example, the previous work, “Salt and Sanctuary”, is also sold at the Epic Games store in Japan for 1880 yen, and is 33.99 Real (about 870 yen) in Brazil.

The Epic Games store supports price settings for more than 190 countries and 30 or more areas. Similarly, the price setting by region by the publisher can be viewed on Steam, and Steam Management Valve has set up a regional price after investigating various factors that can affect prices in various places. It is said that it is providing information.

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So why did the price in Brazil in the PC version “Salt and Sacrifice”, which seemed appropriate this time, was greatly raised? According to Shane Lynch of Devoured Studios, which co -developed the film, the price was required to unify the price on all platforms. He also states that the price of the PS4 / PS5 version is not possible from the manufacturer’s perspective.

In fact, the PS4/PS5 version of this work is sold in 104.9 in Brazil. Same as the price after the change at the Epic Games store. Perhaps the contract with Sony was not allowed to set different prices for platforms in the same country.

As it is the same price as the PS4/PS5 version, it is impossible to say that the PC version is 104.9 Real in the field, but the price may be converted based on some unique rate. I can see. Perhaps because of that, the PC version was raised in Brazil, but in the UK, it was reduced from 15.99 pounds (about 2500 yen) to £ 12.99 (about 2100 yen).

In addition, there are some other countries where the PC version has been raised or reduced. Regardless of the new price setting for each country, the lack of prior confirmation of the developer has resulted in the confusion of fans. Shane Lynch, who appeared earlier, apologized to the fans who made inquiries.

“Salt and Sacrifice” is being distributed for PC (Epic Games Store)/PS4/PS5.