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Dead Space remake date of publication, trailer, gameplay

The long -awaited remake of the popular franchise Dead Space finally has an official date of publication. Fans can strip through the halls of the dilapidated spaceship again and switch off the terrible Necromorphic lurking in the shade. It was a long time ago that we have seen people like Isaac Clarke, the last time was in Dead Space 3, all year round in 2013. But when is the release date of Dead Space Remake?

Together with the announcement of the publication date of the Dead Space Remake , EA has organized a number of livestreams in the past few months to tune fans to the possible return of Dead Space. These streams dealt with sound, art and in general the topic of “Dead Space Remake” – we also got some insights into the gameplay in which we can familiarize ourselves.

The development of the Dead Space Remake is taken over by EA Motifs who have said that they want to keep the appearance and feel of the original and judge according to conceptual art, they definitely do a good job.

release date of the Dead Space remake

The Dead Space Remake’s date is set on January 27, 2023 . This information comes directly from a livestream that EA held, where they also announced 15 new concept drawings, which show the gruesome areas of the Dead Space World in all its cruel details.

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  • Dead room (@deadspace) 12. May 2022

It was in 2008 when Dead Space started for the first time – almost 14 years ago. You can see from the new concept images that this game will look even more beautiful and terrible thanks to its updated graphics than before.

In March 2022, they also teased that the Dead Space Remake would be released in early 2023.

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Arrival times: early 2023…#total

  • Dead room (@deadspace) 11. March 2022

The Dead Space Remake will be released for PS5, Xbox Series X | s and PC.

DEAD SPACE REMAKE New Gameplay Demo (2023)

Dead Space Remake trailer

This teaser trailer for the game of EA Play 2021 lets us slide down a hallway and familiarize us with the cramped and claustrophobic environments that we fear when playing Dead Space. Take a look at the trailer below.

Dead Space remake gameplay and concept art

The graphics development team organized a live stream on May 12th. In the one-hour event they presented a number of new concept graphics and a small part of the gameplay material. You can see the full live stream below.

On March 11, EA also organized a live stream event in which the sound development of the Dead Space remake was presented. Let the fans take a look behind the scenes and see what is behind the creepy noises that we hear on the USG Ishimura. Take a look at the live stream below.

An early development livestream was hosted on August 31, 2021. Fans could get a taste of what was to come in the Dead Space remake. The stream showed some environments, fights and works of art. You can watch the live stream below.

This is all information about the Dead Space Remake publication date at the present time. As soon as further trailers or gameplay are published, we will update this guide accordingly. If you are here, why don’t you take a look at the best PS5 horror games that can be played in 2022? In this way you can keep the horror while waiting for the Dead Space remake.