How to Level up in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s leveling system shares many similarities with Souls before it. However, while the usual stats like Stamina, Strength, Agility and even Intelligence are present, leveling up requires a few extra steps. You won’t be able to level up in Elden Ring until you meet specific requirements. This can make surviving in the underworld tricky, especially if you don’t have enough energy or strength to defeat the various bosses in the game. To avoid a bad experience taking your first steps at Elden Ring, here’s how to access the leveling system.

How to level up in Elden Ring?

To start leveling up, you first need to explore 3 Grace Sites, the equivalent of Dark Souls Campfires. The Elden Ring’s elegant stations allow you to pass the time, fill up pill bottles, regain CP/PV, store or remove items, memorize spells and even level up.

When you visit the third Grace Site, an NPC named Melina will appear and reward you with a ghostly steed whistle, which will allow you to collect mounts. This mysterious woman will also allow you to level up your character, but it won’t be free. To level up, you need to use a certain number of runes.

How to get Elden Ring runes?

Runes can be obtained from any creature or boss you face in the Elden Ring. Of course, the more challenging the enemy, the more runes are given when killing them. Therefore, if you want to quickly collect runes in the underworld, you should not hesitate to attack those enemies who won’t let you do it quickly.

However, don’t take part in battles that are lost early because you’ll lose the runes you carry if you die. To recover them, you will have to return to where you died, but not on the road, which is not always as obvious as it sounds.

Once you’ve collected enough runes, you need to go back to the grace site of your choice and select “Upgrade” from the menu. You can use your runes to increase the stats you want.