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How to defeat all bosses in Core Keeper

Core Keeper is an isometric cave kraler and a researcher with procedurally generated worlds. In every world, you have to kill half a dozen bosses, each of which appears in a unique place.

Below we told how to defeat various bosses in Core Keeper, and what tactics should be used to stay alive. Keep in mind that all this takes into account a single game. In a multi -user game, tactics and strategies that you can use to win the bosses, in Core Keeper and much more.

Zalahruch Disgusting Mass

Deaf, vile mass, is the first boss, and it can be found by finding large clusters of mucus and looking for a shaking, which occurs due to the fact that massive mucus jumps up and down.

It’s quite easy to fight with this giant mucus; You really need a copper sword and a little patience. To defeat it is simply to avoid attacks in the jump and hit it once or twice when it lands. If you really want to change it off, complete copper armor will help you survive some blows. With low health, this boss infuriates, and in the jump attacks more often. At this moment, you can carry out only one attack between the jumps.

mother hive

For Hive Mother you will need good regeneration. This is because of the crazy amount of damage inflicted by the mother of the hive and her minions. Find the mother’s mother at her base in clay caves. Most likely, for this battle you will need iron armor or better.

Due to the limited area of battle, the use of a shovel or picking to mine the territory around the arena with the boss is preferable for this battle. It also helps to prevent any unpleasant surprises from other mobs.

Avoid the acid that the boss shoots at you when the battle begins, remaining mobile. When a cocoon appears, quickly attack it to prevent the appearance of new enemies. She will begin to create several cocoons for about half her health, so deal with them and any hatched enemies before continuing the battle. She will become furious when she has about 10% of her health, which means that she will shoot at you with acid more and more.

Gorma Devourer

Gorma runs along a huge perimeter around the main spawn of your base. You will need additional speed to fight him, whether it be magic objects or food. The mucus sword from the statue of the deaf is also an excellent tool for horma. This is because he slows down anyone you attack.

This fight is frightening, but feasible. The first stage is the pursuit of the horma. This is just a case when you need to keep up with a horma and inflict damage. On a certain threshold, Horm will stop running and begin to pursue you. At the moment, this is the case of evading his well -telegraphic attacks, when he accelerates and tries to hit you. Avoid damage and kill horma.

Azeos Heavenly Titan

At the moment you are on the bosses of the titanium. The first and perhaps the easiest is the heavenly titan of Azeos. A huge flying creature, Azeos attacks, creating huge pillars of thunder. This battle is more likely heals and checks the armor than scares.

After a shot from a thunder column, blue crystals appear. They must be destroyed with the help of instruments for mining, such as picks, to prevent the healing of azeos. The best tactics are to supply the wind tube with poison, as this reduces the healing that the boss receives from crystals. Draw it with an oven and bring the number of crystals to a minimum. You have a long way, so you are patience and survive a person-bird!

ivy venomous mass

Ivy is a very strong version of the first boss of Gorm, which can poison you and cause toxic slimes. What does this fight do so difficult is how much damage is inflicted. The best option for this battle is to get complete alcohol armor and long -range weapons.

Core Keeper - All Bosses (Boss Fights) 1080P 60 FPS

You really want to be as far as possible from Ivy when she jumps, and have a lot of healing and resistance to poison. In addition to poison, this is not a difficult battle, and by the time you find Ivy, you must be prepared enough to defeat it.

Malugaz is vicious

Malugaz is a unique boss in Core Keeper, since it is not a giant monster that you should not crush your feet. Instead, this boss has two phases. In his first phase, the Maluguz will throw fire balls into you, and in the second he will call three fire attacks on the area that remain after use. In this phase, you need to avoid damage and inflict damage in long battle over time, as well as in close combat, if you can come close enough without getting a ball of a ball in the face.

After a decrease in the health of Malugaz to 0, it will enter the second phase.
Whether you like it or not, it will be a fight in close combat, and he will pursue you with every attack in close combat, creating the same attacks on the fire area.
Kite him, running around and avoiding attacks.
Do not forget to maintain your health at a high level, as one good blow to Malugaz can kill you!
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