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All tests and awards of the Operation Monarch in Cod Warzone

A limited time Operation Monarch event is now available in Call of Duty: Warz1. The event with the participation of Godzilla and Titans of Kong from Monsterverse includes various new tests, unlocked awards and cosmetic sets. Here are all the tests in the new event Warzone Pacific.

All trials and awards in the Operation “Monarch” Event Warzone

  1. Call : Three times use a series of murders of the Titan Scream device.
    * reward : A rare amulet for weapons “only the eyes of the monarch.”
  2. Call : Apply 135,000 units of general damage to Kong in the events “Raisan of the Titans”.
    * Award : The legendary emblem of the “Godzilla team”.
  3. Call : Dial 3,000 monarch intelligence points.
    * Award : Epic business card “Skyline Crasher”.
  4. Call : Apply 135,000 units of General Lesson of Godzille in the events “Raisan of the Titans”.
    * reward : The legendary emblem of Team Kong.
  5. Call : Play in the event “Operation Monarch” for six hours.
    * reward : Epic amulet for weapons “Skull of the ancestors.”
  6. Call : Apply to the titans 500,000 damage units.
    * reward : A rare sticker on the weapon “Concrete jungle”.
  7. Call : Use a series of murders of the Titan Scream device once.
    * reward : amulet for rare weapons “Ancient remains”.

8. Call : 12 times to get into the number 15 of the best teams in a limited operation mode “Monarch”.
* Award : Epic spray “One Will Fall”

If you perform all eight tests within 14 days of event, you will unlock the drawing of the legendary weapon “Ancient rivalry” for the SVT-40 rifle as a bonus reward. In addition, you can purchase Kong, Godzilla and Mechagodzilla sets until June 16 to get additional awards.

Buying any two of these sets will open an exclusive sticker for the Godzilla against the Conga and the title of the Supervid player, which can be placed on the upper part of your business card. If you buy all three sets, you will get a drawing of the Apex Phase Rifle submachine gun. These awards will be available later in the third season.

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