Nintendo: The day Kanye West presented his game to Miyamoto, story of an unlikely meeting

We would tend to forget it, but in February 2016, as part of an event organized in New York, Kanye West announced Onely One, a game whose title takes up that of the song dedicated to his daughter North. What we did not know so far is that long before formalizing the thing, the singer had pitched the game to Shigeru Miyamoto in person during the 2015 E3. It’s Zachary Ryan, lead Community Producer in Twitch and former IGN, which tells of this anecdote to say the least fun on Twitter.

The drama between Nintendo and Kanye West
On the road to New York to interview Miyamoto-San as part of the release of Star Fox Zero, Zachary Ryan and other people present on the spot evoke the new album of Kanye West (The Life of Pablo). This is where Mario’s dad intervenes and rarely indulges through his translator. “It told me that Kanye had pointed out unexpectedly at the Nintendo stand and asked him for an interview immediately, he explains. I said that Kanye had shown him the prototype of a game In which you play his deceased mother who flies towards paradise, with a soundtrack produced by him. Miyamoto then started to shake his head, not because he thought that the game was bad, but because ‘He couldn’t believe that Kanye West was pitching him a game.

He continues: “A final, [Miyamoto] hoos, saying: ‘It was very interesting’. There was a long break, and he added: ‘It was very moving’. So laughing very hard and said: ‘Kanye West wanted to play a game with Nintendo’, before exclaiming in English: ‘Wow!’, With the two inches in the air. I exploded with laughing. The turn of the events was just absurd, and not only because it happened, but also because the story was told to me in a rather special way. “Zachary Ryan stresses that two weeks after his interview with Miyamoto in New York, Kanye West announced Only One.

What has become of the game since? Supposed to be in development at Encyclopedia Pictura, it is missing. Moreover, in 2019, interviewed by The Gamer, the studio admitted that he is no longer involved in the project.