Newly formed, Nacon Studio Milan works on a cinema franchise

Still in desire for growth after having already achieved the acquisitions of Midgar Studio and Daedalic Entertainment since the beginning of the year, the French publisher Nacon also strengthens its development center in Italy, with the announcement of Nacon Studio Milan.

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Nacon Studio Milan is not exactly a new studio but a label including Raceward Studio, the team specialist team (Rims Racing) that Nacon already owned and to which is added a second team that will work on games of action/adventure. A real little Playground Games in the Italian for a group which now has more than 50 employees.

Still in the recruitment phase, the new team has set out to work on a survival game based on a famous film franchise. A vein that Nacon seems to appreciate since he already takes care of The Lords of the Rings: Gollum and Robocop: Rogue City. We are promised more details on this title during the year, but the two illustrations below undoubtedly give an overview of the good atmosphere that awaits us.

Installed since January in larger premises, Nacon Studio Milan is led by Marco Ponte, former Milestone who hitherto took care of Raceward Studio (founded in 2016 under the name Lunar Great Wall Studios, for info). Aiming more than 100 employees in a few years, Nacon Studio Milan hopes to become one of the major players in the video game industry in Italy, which is most often distinguished by its independent studios.