League of Legends

LOL: The popular object that blocks the evolution of the game and the community wants to eliminate

One of the elements that makes League of Legends special is the relationship between the community and the developers. Riot Games employees often attend to the criticism or suggestions of the players and are transparent regarding the functioning of the game. This situation has resulted in countless transformations that, in fact, were born thanks to the fans themselves. A circumstance that could be repeated with an interesting idea that improves as we think of it and is to eliminate an object too useful.

Should League of Legends boots disappear?

The proposal of the players is simple: You have to eliminate the boots . In the first instance the reaction can be rejection. However, the proposal makes more sense than it seems. Not surprisingly, it is not exactly an idea that has emerged only in the community. The truth is that who proposed it combines his dedication to League of Legends with a few hours playing Smit, an Moba with certain differences to Riot Games who made this decision and made it the favorite adjustment of all the players.

Obviously, the elimination of the boots would be accompanied by generalized adjustments. Several runes and all champions would have to receive adjustments among which I would highlight the need to create a new passive for Cassiopeia. However, it would not be so difficult to implement and even leave space for new very interesting items that could take the passive effect of special footwear such as mobility or speed. In return, League of Legends would win in many sections.

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Boots are a practically mandatory item in all characters and their effect is little satisfactory . Running more is positive and we all know that it helps us. However, it is the only element of the game next to the flash that we use in each and every one of the clashes. We do not do it because it is interesting or makes the most fun games. In this sense, the arguments with which Riot Games ensures that he will never make changes to the flash are not fulfilled on this occasion.

The permanent elimination of the boots would open two great opportunities. On the one hand, we would have one more hole to buy objects and we would be more powerful if the items lengthen and, on the other, we would spend between 900 and 1,100 less gold to quickly reach the peak of power of three objects. For making a comparison, Cassiopeia and Ahri have a similar victory rate and the gold cost difference from the core of three objects is only 400 units. However, while the snake achieves the third item in the more than 77% of the games , the fox woman barely does so in 51% of the cases.

The truth is that it is a very interesting change that League of Legends could benefit. It is true that Riot Games would have to make balance adjustments and monitor the champions for a few patches to adjust their power peaks. However, it is a sacrifice that could be worth it. A developer employee has assured that they had not raised it since he works there (2 years), but who knows if this community suggestion will help him put it on the table. After all, it would not be the first time that Riot proves a playable change suggested by the community.