How to duplicate runes in Elden Ring

An increase in the level in Elden Ring can be a difficult process, and the accumulation of a sufficient number of runes to improve your character may be a waste of time, and death drops your supply of runes to zero. If you are looking for a quick and simple way to get runes, duplication is your method. This is how you can easily create runes in Elden Ring.

Duplication of objects in Elden Ring is a quick way to quickly create runes. To duplicate objects in Elden Ring, you need to play with a friend. Make sure you know how to call friends in your game before trying to use the route method in Elden Ring.

Steps for duplication of objects in Elden Ring

Make a backup copy of your saved data for Elden Ring *.
PC : exit the game, search for %of the application data% in the search bar of your PC. Select the Elden Ring folder and select the first folder with files at the top. This file should be a SL2. file. Click this file with your right mouse button and copy it into a backup folder.
Game console : click Options when hovering the cursor on the Elden Ring in the PlayStation menu and select save data . When the menu is open, select saved data menu and select cloud storage to download the conservation in your last passage.
This method requires PlayStation Plus. *.
Xbox : Exit from Elden Ring, returning to the main screen of the Xbox, pointing the mouse pointer on the Elden Ring, pressing the “menu” button and choosing “Close the game” in the next menu.
Invite a friend to your game
* Wait until your friend boots into the Elden Ring session, and meet before continuing.
Drop the items you want to duplicate with a friend *
* Ideally, you will want to drop items for a significant number of runes in Elden Ring. We recommend refusing
gold runes , Numen runes and runes of the hero **.
* Let your friend take your things.

Close Elden Ring *
* Exit from Elden Ring, completely closing the game.
reboot the previous preservation
* After the closing of Elden Ring, open the preservation you created again before throwing your items to get them again.
PC : After the game stops working, go to your reserve saving, copy it and replace the latest saving in the Elden Ring file, located in the same place that you copied earlier.
Game console *: Select Cloudy preservation from your Save data control via options menu.
Xbox : Open Elden Ring as soon as it completely turns off.
Restore your items
* Invite a friend to another session and ask him to leave your things.
Rinse and repeat
* Continue to duplicate objects using this method until you have enough items to collect many runes to avoid repeated battles with the same mobs of enemies.

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