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DC License Mobile Card RPG DC World Collide is released

Nuverse has released ‘DC World Colide’, a mobile card game that has been officially acquired by DC license, to the App Store and Google Play Store today. The player now allows you to download the game and receive a commemorative reward to help you start a new adventure on the DC Universe.

‘DC World Colide’, which has been pre -registered by more than 600,000 people from April 5 to the present, is a gift box that includes diamonds, elite equipment boxes, character lottery opportunities and batman sculptures to commemorate its launch. The players who downloaded the game before the 11th will be presented through the in -game mail.

The mobile card game ‘DC World Colide’, which was formally signed with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, was made by formally signed for a DC license ‘DC World Colide’ is not only Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, as well as Super Billan Rex Luther or Harley Queen and Super Billen. The same DC’s iconic characters appear. Players can combine these characters to form an alliance and strengthen the team, and to win battle are the key to the player’s strategy and the proper use of the Hero ultimate. Customizing your team’s favorite superhero and supervillan is also a fun factor in battle.

In addition, the player can be further immersed in the DC universe through the action animation of the DC story line in the game and the game.

Along with the official launch, Marcean Man Hunter, the founding member of the Justice League, will debut in the game. However, a new equator also appears. While Superhero and Super Billen are fighting together, they must join the guild, team up with friends, and fight the strongest Billan Dark Sade and his team.

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‘DC World Collide’ can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.