The sale of Ubisoft. Will the owner change this time?

The largest game of Europe, over 7 trillion won, is likely to be acquired by Ubi Soft to acquire a private fund.

Bloomberg, Kotawaku, such as Bloomberg, was reported that Ubi Soft rose to the subject of the Ba’out Fund. Currently, the funds that are currently directed are large operating companies such as Blackstone, KKR & CO. Currently, Ubi Soft’s major shareholders are represented by the CEO “Guillemot Family) to be currently owned by the company’s stake in about 15%.

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Ubi Soft started as a family firm in 1986, listed on the French Paris Exchange in 1996 and today. In 2004, in EA and 2015, the Non-Di Di was trying to merge ubiquites hostile, but the base of the base is achieved a successful managerial defense and maintains major shareholders.

Last February, Yves Guillemot Ubi Soft representative, “Ubi Soft will remain independently, but if an acquisition proposal comes, I will review it.”

In recent years, Ub. Soft’s share price is 42% p, down to 38 euros. In the industry, the performance of new work ▲ Veteran developers’ subsidiaries is the cause of a share price decline, such as expansion of veteran developers. The net profit margin recorded by Ubi Soft, which was extremely extreme Corona 19, is -7.88%, which is shabby grades compared to other sectors.

Bloomberg said, “(Acquisition) deliberation was in the early stages, and some companies have not revealed how to offer their acquisitions.” “The ubi software is not commenting on rumors or guesses,” he said, “Currently, Ubi Soft is the ideal location that can take advantage of the emergence of injury.”

It is noteworthy that it will make a decision to make a decision with the future of the company, the company’s future,