Hyundai Motor, 1Q11 sales of US $ 9289 billion. 16.4% YoY ↑

Hyundai Motor announced its management results in the first quarter of this year. Sales and operating profit increased despite the decrease in sales due to the continued supply of semiconductors for vehicle vehicle and the supply and demand for parts from China.

Hyundai Motor held a conference call in the first quarter of 2022 at the headquarters of Seoul on the 25th.

Sales recorded 9.7,945 units, down 9.7% from the same period last year.

Despite the strong sales of SUVs such as the Ionic 5 and G90, Korea has delivered 15,98 units, down 18.0% due to the shortage of semiconductor supply and lack of parts due to the blockade of some regions of China.

Overseas, the company sold 75,847 units, down 7.8% in the aftermath of production disruptions due to semiconductor supply shortages.

Revenue increased 10.6% to 30.29 trillion won. Genesis and SUV -centered sales mix improvement and exchange rate effects offset the impact of reducing the overall volume, and sales increased. In the first quarter of 2022, the average dollar exchange rate rose 8.2% to 1,205 won.

Sales costs fell 0.7%p to 80.9%. The decline in world wholesale sales is the main cause. Sales and administrative costs to sales were 12.7%, up 0.4%p due to marketing costs and increased investment costs.

As a result, operating profit increased 16.4% to KRW 1.92 trillion. Operating margin was 6.4%.

Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors record accumulated sales of 20 million units in U.S.

Current profit and net profit recorded 2.22 trillion won and 1.77 trillion won, respectively.

An official of Hyundai Motor said, “Sales decreased from the same period last year due to the lack of production of parts supply due to the continued supply of automotive semiconductor supply and parts of parts of China. “It has increased due to the friendly exchange rate effect.”

He said, “Management uncertainty is expected to continue due to rising raw material prices due to geopolitical impacts such as parts supply and demand imbalances due to blockade of some regions in China and conflict between countries.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor expects that the global eco -friendly car market will continue to grow high due to strengthening environmental regulations, increasing investment in infrastructure, and expanding eco -friendly cars.

As a result, Hyundai plans to focus on maximizing sales through production optimization, expanding market share by improving high value -added vehicle -centered mixes, and strengthening electric vehicle products such as GV60 and GV70 fairy tale models and Ionic 6.