Benyamina, Ede and Kiyo: Dominance of Hertha

While Hertha BSC fights in the Bundesliga with descent wells, the senior teams in the Ü-32 and Ü-40-association league rely on a knockout after another by partly high victories. Both teams are still fixed weeks before the end of the season as Berlin master. It seems like the opponents throw the towel – mind you before the game. Officially, the game defaults are due to personnel deficiency. Oliver Kelm, who is responsible for both Hertha teams, shakes his head: “That’s just unsportsmanlike.”

The 42-year-old is ambitious. In professional life as a lawyer with its own law firm on the Kurfürstendamm, but also in sports, even in the senior football. In the men’s area, the borne Berlin fourth class (u.a. BFC Dynamo, Berlin AK) played and followed as a coach around the Ü 32 team of Spandau Herthas. Two years ago, however, the cabin burst out of all seams. “Spandau did not want to register a second senior team at that time, so I was looking for a club for whom we can play with a Ü 32 and a Ü 40,” says Kelm, who grabbed his players and moved down to Hertha. So blue-white instead of orange-blue.

Benyamina in the jersey of the city rivals

On board is then Karim Benyamina as today. Some Union fan races of the pulse when he sees the years of eateries of the Iron (192 inserts) in the jersey of the city trivals. “It was not about Hertha, but about the team staying together from Spandau,” explains the 40-year-old. In the recent away game of the Ü 32 at the SFC Stern 1900, the colleagues are already warm, when Benyamina scares up ten minutes before kick-off with sports bag in the hand. Immediately, the mouth angle at Hertha Entourage show up. Still fast a few hugs, kisses left, kisses right. They are glad that twice the Algerian national player is there. Benyamina plays both for the Ü 32 and the Ü 40 and is at the same time coaches at the Berlin sixth division 1. FC Wilmersdorf. That testifies to use.

“Many teams in our league do not train at all, some players have beer makers,” says Oliver Kelm, who is responsible for both Hertha teams privately

This Missing Kelm at Manchem opponent: “Many teams in our league do not train at all, some players have beerboys.” This lapidary sentence makes it clear how far the ambitions diverge in seniors football: the one has no desire to train, the others want to become German champions. The “German Altherren Supercup Ü 32”, which the Spandauer Herthas 2019 won, will be held again this year since then.

The participation of the Hertha-Ü-32 is already after 19 victories from 20 games (114: 11 goals) already determined. The Ü 40 even won all previous 24 games (146: 9 goals) and will drive to an unofficial German championship. Given the results, the two Hertha teams would have to play in their own league. And so it is so unsuccessful too, because the opponents run their ownly. The Ü 32 has defended three non-appeals since the turn of the year for eight-sized League Games, which also met 40 by the end of February until the end of March none of the four intended games. The rating then takes place with 0: 2. “For the teams in the relegation battle, the goal ratio can take the rash at the end,” says Kelm’s situation. He calls for a rating with a significantly higher level difference, “it must not be that a non-initiation is worthwhile”.

That Hertha with former Bundesliga players such as Benyamina, Sami Allagui and Chinedu Ede (each in the Ü 32) or Francis Kiyo and Benjamin Köhler (each in the Ü 40) has an insurmountable competitive advantage, denies Kelm energetic: “Our fitness is crucial but not one or two players. “

“No handle”

Handel - G. Cesare in Egitto
The Berlin Football Association (BFV) knows the problem. “The BFV has no handle. We can not prescribe the clubs to compete to the games against Hertha BSC,” says BFV spokesman Janosch Franke. According to the playing order, a team can be excluded due to non-executives from the game operation, but only after three cases. Is called: twice the old lady can be offset.

Kelm is disappointed: “We represent the BFV at the German Championship and have little game practice.” On the second weekend weekend is played in Bremen around the crown in the Ü-32 football. Everything is done – if the opponents want.