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Animal Crossing New Horizons: 10 missing features we would like (re) find

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is two years old now, and even if update 2.0 and the DLC Happy Home Paradise brought a lot of content last November, it was the last time that the game would receive a major update. This is an opportunity to take a look at the features that have stayed in the past, and cross your fingers to see them in a next opus.


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrated its second anniversary on March 20 , and although the community is still very active on social networks, we feel a certain shortness of breath on the part of the players. The month of November 2021 marked the arrival of the first and last DLC of the game, Happy Home Paradise, but also of the last major update of this opus . Update 2.0 has reintroduced emblematic NPCs of the license, like Robusto and its perch, Admiral and its boat, and even Astrid and its predictions, but it also marked the ‘Arrival of features eagerly awaited by the players. We think in particular of vegetable gardens – which are no longer exclusively reserved for pumpkins – in the kitchen which flows from new cultures, and of course the gyroids, these little funny statuettes that make noise. But now that we have all that and that future updates will only be subject to corrective , many of us are taken from nostalgia towards the features of yesteryear who have Not had time to settle on our islands. Below, discover the ten elements that do not appear in New Horizons, but which we would like to find in a next game:

Extensions of the Nook store

In New Horizons, It is quite possible to improve the Nook store to be able to buy more objects in Méli and Mélo. At the start, they operate from the resident office , but once all the elements are combined, the shop can be built. The basic version contains a small wardrobe with basic supplies such as trees, seeds, remedies, and some wallpapers and floors, and it allows to buy four objects . Two of them can be purchased endlessly, and the other two are unique purchase.

After 30 days and provided you have fulfilled some criteria, you can improve the Nook store, which will give you access to an additional single object , and a larger cabinet that contains more supplies, including tools, DIY plans, and additional seeds. You can also benefit from an additional seasonal article in summer . Unfortunately, this is the only improvement in the Nook store, unlike the old opus that offered several.

In New Leaf, for example, the Mélimélo boutique is the subject of four improvements: the Mélimélo supermarket, the Super Mélimélo , the Brico Mélimélo , and finally the Mélimélo galleries . The latter had two floors, with the ground floor the space of Mélo, responsible for tools and other useful objects, and the root garden center , which sold both seeds and indoor plants. Upstairs, we found the space of Méli, which took care of the interior decoration, but also the Galeries Carla which contained exclusive designer furniture. As a result, the catalog of objects from New Leaf was much more varied and substantial than that of New Horizons, even if the update 2.0 marked the return of the very popular Rococo series by Méli and Mélo. **

Galeries Carla

Speaking of Galeries Carla , we would have liked to find them in New Horizons. Held by Carla La Giraffe, this shop offered furniture, clothing, and luxury accessories , much more chic and sold much more expensive than the objects of Méli and Mélo or than the clothes of the Sisters of Fairy . Still in New Leaf, this store is on the second and last floor of the Galeries Mélimélo , in the shopping street. Depending on the season, you can buy exclusive elements such as the princess, Carla, candy, and series **, which are sold respectively in the spring, in summer, in the fall, and in winter.

The Galeries Carla also offer sales at the end of the season , with discounts of 20%, 30%, and 50% LES 15, 21, and 26 of the last month of the season. During this period, players have access to more objects since the elements sold are replaced by articles from the Cards series or other exclusives with regard to clothes. In addition to that, before establishing itself in the galleries, Carla regularly offers fashion challenges to players , like Maria in New Horizons.

The sales hotel

Danslet’s Go to the City, players have access to a new type of business called the Sales Hotel . As the name suggests, it allows you to buy and sell objects through auction. Players can offer items both to villagers and other players via the Wi-Fi Nintendo connection. The objects purchased through auction are sent by the mailbox , the same for the money coming from the sale. If an item does not find Buyer, it returned to the player in the same way. Players can also use the sales hotel to store objects.

In New Leaf, players have access to filing items of the store Resale & Retouch held by haze and serge. They can put on sale objects by following the harest tips or by customizing the price, up to 4 times the initial sum minus 1 bell, with a maximum price of 10,000 bells. They can also redeem objects offered by their villagers.

Today, there is no auction system in New Horizons. The only way to participate in auction is based on third party sites, such as Nookazon, a site specialized in the exchange of objects, resources, services, and villagers in New Horizons. Before updating 2.0, it was the most effective way to get items in colors not available on the island of players . But since November 2021, it is possible to build a stand for haze and Serge on the island of Joe and ask Serge to personalize objects that were not customizable before.

the ZELDA series of objects

Another flagship item of animal crossing is the crossover with other Nintendo games. It takes the form of items of objects in relation to other licenses from the Japanese giant, as the Mario series that has been introduced in Animal Crossing and which continued until today, appearing in New Horizons in February 2021 with update 1.8 . It has clothing and accessories for the player, but also furniture from the world of Mario, including objects very popular by the community as the mushroom Platform XL – very Useful for the decoration of forest areas – but also the hose , which makes it possible to move from one end to the other of the island in no time.

But the Mario series is not the only crossover of the license, since New Leaf makes it possible to get their hands on items referring toSplatoon , which unfortunately have not been added to New Horizons. Players can also get a set of two objects from Depikmin in Wild World, Let’s Go To The City, and New Leaf, but they are also not available in New Horizons.

But the biggest lack felt by the fans is that of the Zelda series, introduced in Let’s Go to the City and honoring the emblematic objects of the Legend of Zelda license, like the triforce * * and Excalibur . New Leaf gives access to more elements, like the Hylien shield, the receptacle of heart, stone with potins, and even clothes allowing players to look like Link, Zelda, and Midona . Some of these items are only getable through Cakes **, another mechanics that could have found its place in New Horizons:

lucky cakes

Luck cakes were introduced into New Leaf . Similar to Chinese cookies and predictions , players can buy these cakes in the Méli and Mix store against 2 game pieces . The game pieces are getable by taking a few steps with the Nintendo 3DS console, in the manner of the popular titles of Nintendo, Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom. Rounardises , an equivalent to luck cakes sold by Rounard, can also be purchased during Fireworks **.

These cakes contain predictions that must then give Méli or Mélo to get a gift . The gifts in question can take the shape of rare furniture not part of any series or many objects from Crossover series, like the themes Mario, Zelda or Pikmin .

This feature is also included in Pocket Camp. Players can buy these cookies at Chance Cake Shop on the market square. She is held by Méli and Mélo, and proposes this time different types of cookies that change every day at 17h . The scarcity of objects to win depends on the number of stars associated with cakes. There are also special conspicial cakes purchaseable only with green tickets , and allow to obtain very rare objects. It is also possible to buy boxes of 5 cakes that can contain any type of biscuit.

In New Horizons, the only mechanics that gets closer to some of the luck cakes is The Rounard Raffle, which takes place every Sunday of August . During fireworks, Rounard offers players to buy tickets that save random batches. It is mostly objects that can be kept, as candles, balloons, and consumables like the beard at Dad and Bubble Tea . These have been added with update 1.11.

Celestial Observatory

In Wild World and Let’s Go To The City, the Thibou Museum spans two floors, and at the top is the Observatory . Open day and night, the observatory is held by Celestial , the sister of Thibou. In this room, players can interact with the tlescope , and Celestial offers them to watch the sky but especially to create and name constellations . Depending on where they are drawn, they will only be visible at some point in the year, and it is possible to create a very large number. They are fully customizable and can be modified or deleted at any time. Plus, if you play in Wi-Fi with another player, you can not only exchange constellations, but also see those of your friend in your village and vice versa.

In New Horizons, Celestial is present, but it is part of the traveling NPC category . It appears only some nights, especially when the rains of shooting stars have been announced, and no more than once a week. The first time you meet heavenly, it explains the functioning of the vows and offers you the DIY plan of the Star Baguette . Subsequently, it will give you more DIY Plans of the Star Series , which corresponds to the signs of the zodiac, but also plans to build other chopsticks or items of the series space . If you present it an object of the star series, it will tell you the origin of the associated constellation, probably in a glance in its profession in Wild World and Let’s Go to the City. **

Working at the perch

The Robusto perch has appeared in New Horizons with the 2.0 update, and although the players are mostly very happy with this addition, some regret not being able to work there. Even if it appears in Wild World and Let’s Go to the City, The perch has become a workplace only in New Leaf , and has found its status as a simple place of relaxation in New Horizons.

In New Leaf, Robusto’s coffee is the subject of a unlockable public project after moving the first floor of the museum and made 50 donations . Once accessible, the perch allows players to have a coffee or take a takeaway, but also to cross villagers and NPCs as in New Horizons. But that’s not all: Once you have drank 7 cups of coffee, you can ask for work in Robusto. You go behind the counter and must serve villagers, special characters, and even Villagers from another village. To serve them, you must remember of the type of grain, the amount of milk, and of the number of sugars ** corresponding to the customers, who each have their favorite coffee.

Once your work is accomplished, Robusto pays you in coffee bags , whose quality depends on that of your service. In addition to that, it can offer you special items depending on the number of cafes you have served correctly. The majority of items are related to coffee, like a coffee maker, a percolator, and a coffee grinder , but Robusto can also give you specific gyroids. In New Horizons, the pigeon gives you some similar items in function of the number of coffee cups you have bus.

PNJs and disappeared villagers

Although New Horizons does not lack villagers with a roster of 413 Animals Antipomorphs , the developers have stuck on more than 80 villagers from the ancient license games. We drink the adorable FEYNE , only available in Happy Home Designer and by Amiibo in New Leaf, but also Link Loup , another friendly in connection with The Legend of Zelda, available in New Leaf. Aside from these few inhabitants, other special characters are missing in New Horizons:

  • Antoine, Elizabec, and Opelie: The pelicans work for the post office since the beginning of the license. Antoine distributes the mail, Opelie works at the reception during the day, and Elizabec at night. Even if the two sisters can now be invited to Perchoir and Photopia with their amiibo cards, new horizons lacks a post office and pelican lovers.
  • Blanca: Faceless white pussy also appears from the beginning of the license, and in most games, she asks the player players to draw a face . In New Leaf, she takes the appearance of a villager and must be unmasked to receive the photo of the villager in question **.
  • Charly: Even if he has made a brief appearance during New Horizons, the blue and white cat no longer fulfills his usual functions. Usually, Charly asks questions to the player early part ** to determine his name, gender, and appearance, as well as the name of the village.
  • Dr. Ciboulot: This Axolotl appears in some games of the license, and its main role is to learn mimics to players . In New Horizons, these are the villagers who resume this function.
  • Helium: The sea lion appeared from time to time for offer balloons to the players in Let’s Go to the City, but also to return badges to reward some actions in New Leaf. This mechanics seems to have been replaced by NOOK ** objectives.
  • Lionel: Not to be confused with the village lion, Lionel The Weaselet appears for the first time in Wild World as insurance seller, then change jobs to work The Academy of Joyeux Decorators and even become president. He could judge the interior of the house of the players , similarly to the mail received every Sunday in New Horizons. Besides, it can be invited to perch with its Amiibo card.
  • Max: This little dog is the twin brother of Marie , and is also part of the Happy Decorators Academy . In New Leaf, he is responsible for village-control , where houses of other players can be visualized using the Streetpass . In New Horizons, Marie sometimes speaks of him, and he can be invited to perch with his AMIIBO card.

the island of Tortiland

The island of Tortiland, or tropical island, is an island that appeared for the first time in New Leaf . Players can unlock it once they have reimbursed their second loan, and can access it by taking admiral boat. As the name suggests, this island belongs to Tortimer, the mayor of all the villages of the Animal Crossing license until New Leaf, and is the items for excursions to obtain medals, solo or in multiplayer . It is in truth of mini-games with difficulty levels ranging from 1 to 3. These small challenges consist of pulling balloons, look for fossils and place them in a template in a tempted time and even Play Cache Cache or Find your way into a labyrinth. **

The medals earned make it possible to buy exclusive objects , such as the furniture of the Rattan and Siren series or * diving . This island also makes it possible to make a lot of bells, since it is full of insects and sharks that can bring back big. It is also possible to access Tortiland via the Internet to play with strangers from around the world.

Although the random islands of Admiral appeared with the 2.0 update, these only allow recover gyroids and plants, and meet Robusto . Tortimer is also present on Joe Island, but it simply serves transfer objects in the players’ inventory .

Exotic fruits and perfect fruits

Unfortunately for the community, update 2.0 has responded to a lot of expectations except one: power more fruit . The majority of the license games stage the 6 fruits found in New Horizons, but new ones appeared in New Leaf: Bananas, lemons, drideshoes, kakis, litchis, and mangoes . They can mostly be picked on the island of Tortimer or in the village, and bananas, like coconut, grow only on the beach . As for the Kakis , we find them either in The gardening space of the galleries Melimello or as a gift from other villagers.

In addition to these exotic fruits, New Leaf introduced Perfect fruits , which have an appearance and / or color different from normal fruits. They appear by chance and can be sold more expensive than other fruits . They can also be planted to get more, but again, it is a matter of chance, and you can only get the perfect form of the basic fruit of the village in this way. In New Leaf, the fruits could also rot, like the turnips in New Horizons.

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And you, what feature you miss the most? What do you hope to meet in a future Animal Crossing game? Tell us everything in the comments!

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Summary of the animal soluce Crossing: New Horizons

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