Valorant: Optic Gaming cuts the wings of the Japanese and gets its place in the final of the VCT

Being about to conclude the first international tournament of the year in Valorant, we have two days of very large emotions, with series at the best of five where teams seek glory to be able to crowned as the kings of the first VCT Masters of 2022, having a Clash between North America and the Japan team that would define the second finalist who will face Loud.

After a suffered and exciting competition the team of Optic Gaming has to face Zeta Division, on a first Map of Haven selected by the Americans and that the Japanese began being dominant with a Shota “Sugarz3ro” Watanabe being protagonist on the map dropping The dark stars that gave him opening so that the guide team will dominate in first instances with 7-5 in the first half, to the change of sides the Japanese kept keeping comfortable but the game style of na * * became present along with a Jimmy “Marved” Nguyenque aroused with omen to make his classmates have valuable opportunities that would take the map to Overtime where I would end up in favor of OPTIC with a 15- 13 **

In the second map we move to Fracture, chosen by Zeta, where we have demonstrated a fairly good performance of the astra of sugarz3ro but things would change from the first half in favor of * Na , playing with the already known neon of Victor “Victor” Wong that would be very important in the plays he proposed by the team of Optic ending the first part at 7-5 , the change of Sides would be controlled by Marved and the power of Jaccob’s Chamber “Yay” Whiteaker who did not let the Japanese play, being a map that would become the terror of the rivals to leave it 13-5. **


A third map that could be the end of the series, we saw zeta division keys thanks to the players of optic, the map was tilted in favor of the attack of na who surprised the Japanese with 8-4, in the second half the defense posed by the Captain Pujan “FNS” Mehta made Japan retreat on several occasions, letting his attack be nullified, this allows Optic to dominate the map and close it with a 13-8. **

The American team finishes the series with a 3-0 that gives the pass at the end to face Loud , a rematch of the semifinal of the previous day, where any of the two teams can win, The performance of optic A left out to various favorite teams and Brazil seeks to consolidate as the best in the world, the appointment is tomorrow to see who stays with the crown at the first stage of VCT MASTERS.