Enjoy Splayon 3, September 9, Korean!

The first series is the first Korean release of Korean official release, and ‘Splayon 3’, which accepts expectations of domestic fans. The release date was released on the 22nd.

The Splatoon series is a shooting game that is a core area battle. Unlike other shooting games, Splatoon is not a key to kill enemy. It is important to kill enemy, but the most important thing is to leverage a variety of weapons to paint more areas than the opponent team. In other words, it is close to the concept of interfering with the enemy rather than the concept of raising the enemy’s score. You must kill the enemy, and you have to overcome the void of the measure, and the enemy painted areas.

The player’s character, the squid human inkling and octopus human octarians can vary in squid form, octopus, respectively, and can take advantage of the map, and it is possible to move the wall as well as the walls. On the other hand, the relative team ink can not be transformed, and it is damaged. The larger the areas of the friend, the more advantageous.

Splatoon 3 Releasing This September and It Looks So Good I Might Cry - Dissected
The background of ‘Splatoon 3’ is the Kaoolis town of Kaoolis province, located in the desert far from the Order Police Square of the previous work. This tinnitus that is a tinnitus of Chaos is a featured hot sunshine and a harsh natural environment, which is characterized by a clear hot sunshine and a harsh natural environment, which can be seen in the form of the tentacles in Inclements and octah in the main piece. There is no significant change in addition to the point where octarians are added with the playerbell character. Basically, most of the weapons of the previous work are shared and some added is added.

The first of the newly added weapon, the first inorganic inorganic (bow) can be mentioned. If you pull the protest with the ZR button, it is characterized by a strategically written by the situation, as it changes in the ground to the ground, which is turned on, and in the air, as a portrait shot in the ground. Meanwhile, most of the special officers were mostly new. Megaphone Laser 5.1, ultra shots, crab tanks, Great barriers, shock Wonder, and others are likely to be able to enjoy a different battle with the previous work.

The “Splayon” released on Wii U, which was launched on the last 2015, has driven a worldwide topic with a core that is a core that is a core that is not the purpose of treating a cute character and enemy. It was sold to Wii U, which recorded a poor sales volume, so it was sold over 495,000. Subsequently, ‘Splatoon 2′, a result of the popularity of the platform called Nintendo Switch, and the Nintendo Switch was the first Milian Seller and Series’ first Platinum Seller Title.

‘Splayon 3’ is Korean in Nintendo switches and will be released on September 9th.