Star Citizen – Alpha 3.17 is already on the way

Star Citizen developers from Cloud Imperium Games reported that alpha patch 3.17 for their constant growing space simulator is already on the approach. Very soon, the players will be available features such as: shipping ship ship, gadgets for resource mining, Misc Hull A, as well as much more.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 is Approaching BUT Still Has MAJOR ISSUES

More details about the patch of alpha 3.17 you can learn from the watch video from the channel of developers, in which it described about everything.

Another portion of information about the upcoming update is here here. The crowdfunding of the game in the meantime approaches 452 million dollars and is $ 451 903 025. The number of registered accounts got to the mark of 3,681,340. We specify that some of these accounts are registered on various free shares.