Cholnoviri SF Survival Horror RPG “CHERNOBYLITE” PS5/XSX

Developer THE FARM 51 and Publisher All IN! Games announced that the PS5/Xbox Series X | S version has been released in the science fiction survival horror RPG “ Chernobylite ” set in the Cholnoviri entry z1. 。 The PS4/Xbox One/PC version can be upgraded to the next generation version with a free update.

In this next -generation version, you can use a dynamic 4K resolution (30fps) or a smooth 60fps (1080p resolution), a late racing, and a DualSense controller compatible and activity card function for PS5.

In addition, the PC version is free of charge for “Season 1” update (GOG.com version is distributed soon), so you can use “Memories of you” that allows you to find collections and tactical crossbow, a new weapon. In addition, a paid content “Blue Flames Pack” that changes the mood of a hideaway is also being distributed. The console version of “Season 1” update will be distributed this summer.

“CHERNOBYLITE” is on sale for PC (Steam, Gog.com, Epic Games Store)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One. Three more content will be added within 2022, and the next “Season 2” will be distributed in the second quarter of 2022, including new maps and side quests that can be expanded and explored.